Joining the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Team

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter uwn

Joining the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Team

The Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter is read widely by the Ubuntu community and many members of the media.

The team collaborates largely on IRC in #ubuntu-news on

Workflow Overview

  1. Contributors collaborate on to collect links from the week. Anyone may add links here, but please do not delete any.

  2. On Friday and Saturday these links are reviewed and reorganized, some may be deleted if there are too many or there are content issues.

  3. Over the weekend, summary writers are contacted. If you’d like to be a summary writer, subscribe to and contact the editors at to get your name on a list of summary writers who are emailed weekly.

  4. Sunday night and Monday morning editors are contacted to review the near-complete document. If you’d like to be an editor, subscribe to and contact the editors at to get your name on a list of editors who are emailed weekly.

  5. Sunday evening Ubuntu Stats are added

  6. Monday afternoon the newsletter is released.

The full process for publishing the Ubuntu Weekly News is defined here:


Link Collectors

Collect links see: and add to : latest issue

These can be collected throughout the week.

Also see: for section details.

Summary Writers

Write summaries for the links which were collected.

Please note: As this discourse site cannot handle multiple editors, its best if you write the summaries locally in a text editor, announce you wish to edit the work in progress issue, wait a little (giving others a chance to tell you if they’re doing the same), then copy/paste from your local editor to the now edited copy on discourse, save & report you’re out of the doc on IRC again. This procedure is best used for Summary and Editing stages of the process.

Stats Collector

Runs a series of scripts and visits sites to collect statistics.

See: for section details.


Go through newsletter to add finishing pieces and check for spelling and grammar errors

Details: Steps 7-9


Actually releases the newsletter via wiki, email, IRC, etc

Details: Steps 11 - 20

Then rotates and preps the newsletter template on wiki between releases

Details: Steps 1-3 and 21-24