Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter / Editing Policies

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter uwn

Publishing Editor Checklist

Steps to Creating the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter

Step Summary Detail
1 Create next issue wiki Create a new page for next issue and select UWN Skeleton/Template as the page template
2 Clear out unused sections Once you have the Template created and have added the issue number and dates make sure you take the sections you know you will not be using takes the clutter of the wiki out of your way (ie: we don’t add Team Reports every week, they are monthly)
3 wiki related
4 Gather news articles here in discourse Throughout the week, gather news articles for each section, see Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter / Style Guidelines and UWN Skeleton/Template for resources for other sections
5 Review articles Review articles added and remove duplicate, inaccurate or excess articles
6 Gather Summaries Email summary writers and ask in #ubuntu-news for summary writers
7 Copy articles to the working issue Proof read as you go along
8 Add statistics Calculate bugs (see inline instructions), run scripts for askubuntu, loco, security and updates
9 Make sure all links are valid Click on them and make sure they open the page they are supposed to or use a tool like http://validator.w3.org/checklink
10 Spell Check issue Use gedit or some other text editor you are familiar as you will need a txt version of the newsletter anyway
11 Email editors to proof issue Email editors as soon as summaries are done! This should take at least 30 mins to critically proof. Make sure the people you ask to proof it will take their time and be critical with things like grammar, spelling, etc. and the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter / Style Guidelines
12 Credits Make sure anyone who actively worked on the current issue is credited, remind them to add their name
13 In this Issue Gets added right before you publish bullet points of selected table of contents
14 Take out comment lines and “WIP” items in the issue that have the “<!–” in front of. Remove the complete text not just the marker. Remove the ‘’‘WORK IN PROGRESS’’’ section
15 Run publish script Once the issue is ready to be published run publish-uwn-discourse.pl (all scripts in Git : Code : Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter), this will create several files in uwn/issues/### which you will use for the next several steps
16 IRC-news Use microblog.txt text to announce to #ubuntu-news that the new issue is out
17 Tweet/FB/Telegram/Mastodon (social-media) that the issue is ready NewsTeam/Contact
18 Post to the Forums A Forum Moderator will do this (several are in #ubuntu-news), posting must be done in source mode not WYSIWYG mode
19 Post to the Fridge A Fridge Editor will do this (several are in #ubuntu-news). Make sure “Planet” category is selected so it appears on the Planet.
20-24 wiki only - outdated
25 Send the the -news mailing list The ONLY mail that should every be sent to the ubuntu-news list is the newsletter. Nothing else should appear on this list. Confirm the mail didn’t get stuck in the queue.
26 Send the notice to ubuntu-news-team ML Once the Full Text Version of the Newsletter is sent to the ubuntu-news ML, then you send the NOTICE ONLY to the ubuntu-news-team list. This only gets sent after the full txt version is published to the ubuntu-news ML
27 Email Lo``Co-Contacts mailing list loco-contacts@lists.ubuntu.com

Issue Template

The issue template for the wiki can be found here:

Please note many parts of the template are comments, and thus can only be seen when viewing code via edit mode. These comments will hopefully be helpful reminders.


Core Articles

(cannot be dropped for a release)

  • General community news
  • Security announcements
  • Upcoming meetings and events


(can be dropped to release on time)


  • Bug stats
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