New Mir PPAs for Ubuntu

We have three PPAs for Mir, all three will builds for the supported Ubuntu series (currently 16.04 LTS “Xenial”, 18.04LTS “Bionic”, 19.04 “Disco” and 19.10 “Eoan”) as well as the current development (20.04 “Focal”).

PPA To add
The “Release” PPA is the recommendation for most purposes and contains the release version of Mir. sudo add-apt-repository --update ppa:mir-team/release
The “Release Candidate” PPA contains the release candidate code of Mir. sudo add-apt-repository --update ppa:mir-team/rc
The “Latest Integration Build” PPA contains the latest development code of Mir built after each pull request lands. sudo add-apt-repository --update ppa:mir-team/dev

The package you may want to install

Package Command
Mir demo programs sudo apt install mir-demos qterminal
Mesa “desktop” platform sudo apt install mir-graphics-drivers-desktop
Nvidia “desktop” platform sudo apt install mir-graphics-drivers-nvidia
MirAL development headers & libraries sudo apt install libmiral-dev

You can remove any of the PPAs as follows:

$ sudo ppa-purge mir-team/dev # or /rc or /release