Mir 2.12.0 Release

Mir 2.12.0 Release

We’re pleased to announce the release of Mir 2.12.0. This release brings a number of improvements to the user experience and reliability.

  • Can’t paste when copied from Firefox address bar or Thunderbird “copy link” (#2583)
  • Remove a bunch of code made redundant by a protocol clarification (#2669)
  • miral-shell hangs on shutdown if eglspinner internal client errors (#2344)
  • Multi-keyboard modifier state tracking is slightly cursed (#2720
  • Support for virtual keyboard modifiers (e.g. for OSK) (#2145)
  • Don’t try to use graphics hardware with no outputs attached (#2258)
  • Overlapping outputs of different scale are rendered correctly (Fixes: #2758)
  • Idle timeout no longer causes problems when the display hardware subsequently changes (#2757, #2695)
  • A logic error leading to an occasional abort when using Xwayland fixed ( #2790)


ABI summary:

  • No ABI changes


  • [Wayland] Implement wp_primary_selection_unstable_v1 (Fixes #2699, Fixes #2583)
  • [platform] Add DRMFormat::as_mir_format()
  • [Wayland] Manually implement wl_shm/wl_shm_pool. (Closes: #2669)

Bugs fixed:

  • [miral] InternalClient don’t use a dead wl_display (Fixes: #2344)
  • [input] Move XKB modifier tracking from Wayland frontend to KeyMapper. (Fixes #2720, Fixes #2145)
  • [gbm-kms] Ensure that a candidate device has the hardware to support at least one physical display. (Fixes: #2258)
  • Fix overlapping outputs of different scale. (Fixes: #2758)
  • After idle timeout the powermode change needs to be applied to the base display configuration. (Fixes: #2757, Fixes: #2695)
  • [Xwayland] Do not abort when nothing is wrong. (Fixes: #2790)

Mir 2.12.0 is available as a source tarball and the Mir PPAs .


It’s been a while, but I managed to find some time to bring the latest Mir to Fedora Linux users. Also made a tiny fix for building with GCC 13, too. :slight_smile:

Updates have been proposed for Fedora stable releases:

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