Mir 2.2.0 Release

Mir 2.2.0 Release

We are pleased to announce the release of Mir 2.2.0.

For Ubuntu, Mir is available from the Mir PPAs .

It is also available as a source tarball.


We fixed a bug where we would sometimes send invalid dmabuf modifiers. This allows us to move the mir-kiosk snap to core20 (the switch that initially exposed the bug). We would like the help of the community to help with final testing of this change by trying the candidate channel of mir-kiosk, and report any issues they encounter. Assuming there are no addional problems, we’ll update the stable channel next week.

This release adds optional support for composite-bypass, which can have performance benefits for fullscreen apps and nested Mir servers. After encountering a problem on the Raspberry Pi 3, we switched off the feature by default. It seems to work fine on other platforms, and can be enabled by setting MIR_SERVER_BYPASS=true or running a Mir server with --bypass=true.


ABI summary

  • mirclient ABI unchanged at 10
  • miral ABI unchanged at 4
  • mirserver ABI unchanged at 54
  • mircommon ABI unchanged at 7
  • mirplatform ABI bumped to 21
  • mirprotobuf ABI unchanged at 3
  • mirplatformgraphics ABI bumped to 19
  • mirinputplatform ABI unchanged at 7
  • mircore ABI unchanged at 1
  • mircookie ABI unchanged at 2


  • Add logical output group (aka “display wall”) support
  • [X11] Pick up min/max size
  • [wayland] Allow adding and dropping Wayland extensions
  • [performance-tests] Use a EGL visual with no alpha channel
  • [wayland] More correct handling of DRM_FORMAT_MOD_INVALID
  • [debian] Add metapackages for each of the graphics platforms
  • [miral-app] more robust launcher script
  • [gbm-kms] Implement composite-bypass for Wayland clients

Bugs fixed

  • [mir-kiosk] Fix --startup-apps option
  • [wayland] linux-dmabuf: Fix sending invalid modifiers
  • [wayland-platform] Report host refresh rate correctly. (Fixes: 1741)
  • [wayland-platform] Flush Wayland messages on the correct thread. (Fixes: #1775)
  • [X11] Support undecorated windows. (Fixes: #1758)
  • Fix Rawhide FTBFS. (Fixes: #1743, #1746)
  • Support software buffers on X11, Wayland and GBM/KMS. (Fixes: #914)
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