Mir in 2020

Mir in 2020

It is time for my annual review of progress. When I do this I’m always amazed at how recent some of the changes are and how much has changed.

Graphics platforms

Over the course of the year, we’ve restructured our graphics platforms and formalized the requirements for these platforms to work:

Mir on desktop

Mir is not yet “desktop ready”, but it has come a long way in the past year. Dozens, if not hundreds of “papercuts” have been fixed and it is now possible to use egmde as as a “proof of concept” desktop.

At the time of writing, the best experience is by installing a development branch of egmde and following a couple of articles:

snap install egmde --channel edge/pr39

Mir on phones & tablets

Mir is the compositor behind Ubuntu Touch and last year the UBports community finally managed to update from Mir 0.24 to Mir 1.2. Currently, their devices are a mix of Mir 1.2 and Mir 1.8 base but the path to Mir 2.x is now clear:


Highlights over the year

Month Blog Comment
December Swaybg on Mir Giving egmde a custom background
November Mir 2.2.0 Release “Display wall”, mir-kiosk based on core20, composition bypass optimization
October WLCS 1.2.0 Release More tests, builds on Alpine
September Mir 2.1.0 Release More Wayland extensions, RPi4, Confined shell can X11 apps
August Ubuntu Core, GDM Spike and a confined egmde user session Progress towards graphical users sessions on Ubuntu Core systems
July Mir 2.0.0 Release mirclient and mirserver APIs dropped, reworked graphics platforms.
June Waybar on Mir Giving egmde a custom panel
May An example confined user shell Mircade demonstrates multiple apps in a confined shell
April Mir 1.8.0 Release HiDPI support and portability
March Testing on Fedora "rawhide" Making things work right on Fedora
Feburary Mir 1.7.1 Release improvements for running X11 apps
January The egmde snap, mirclient, X11 and 16.04 When running on 16.04 the egmde snap switches from mirclient to X11

Highlights over the years

It is also the end of the decade, so a look back over the years…

Year Blog Mir version Comment
2019 Mir in 2019 1.6 Internet of Things “whitepaper”, systems without a PCI bus or using Musl
2018 Mir news: 21st December 2018 1.1 support for running Wayland clients on Nvidia drivers, Arch, Alpine Linux
2017 Mir: 2017 end of year review 0.29 https://mir-server.io/, MirAL integrated, PPAs, https://github.com/MirServer/mir, WLCS, Fedora
2016 https://ubuntu.com/blog/mir-2016-end-of-year-review 0.25 “preview” of the Unity8 Mir server on desktop

Thank you the great summary and most of all for the great work on Mir :smiley::clap: