The egmde snap, mirclient, X11 and 16.04

Changes to the egmde snap

The egmde snap is a simple demo of a Mir based graphical shell, and I’ve been tweaking it to fit with ongoing Mir changes…

…goodbye mirclient

Six months ago I made a similar update to the egmde snap to use mirclient on 16.04 (see below). Since then support for mirclient on Mir’s master branch has declined to the extent that the --edge channel of the snap became unusable on 16.04 (I don’t think anyone else noticed).

…hello X11

The X11 support in Mir is still “work in progress” @sophie-w reported on it in December (see below), but is fully enabled in the egmde snap (regardless of the system it is run on).

As this now works better than the mirclient support on 16.04 I’ve updated the snap to configure toolkits to use X11 on 16.04 instead.


These changes apply only to the egmde snap, the Mir 1.7.0 Release still supports mirclient. But this support is no longer enabled in the egmde snap.

You can use the egmde snap to track Mir’s progress by installing the --edge channel and running egmde:

snap install --classic --edge egmde

You can also select egmde from the login menu.

Get it from the Snap Store

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