Testing on Fedora "rawhide"

Testing on Fedora “rawhide”

Rawhide is the name given to the current development version of Fedora. It consists of a package repository called “rawhide” and contains the latest build of all Fedora packages updated on a daily basis.

At the beginning of this week a build error on Fedora rawhide was reported by @Conan_Kudo.

As a result I installed the daily ISO and fixed the problem. It had been some time since I’d started Fedora, so while I had it on a physical machine I decided to check that things were working. They were not. :frowning:

Over the week I’ve been testing the Mir examples and our mir-team maintained snaps on Fedora. That identified a number of issues, which I’ve also fixed.

None of these were hard to solve, just things that went unnoticed because nobody tried to use things on Fedora rawhide. But we have found them and fixed them now, so the next release of Mir should be ready for Fedora 32.

Our snaps don’t need to wait for a release of Mir (or of Fedora) and should now be working on both Fedora, Ubuntu, and any other system where snaps can be installed.


One year on…

Building Mir on Fedora identified a few paper-cuts, but not the raft of issues found last year.

These have been fixed in the latest Mir 2.3 release candidate (rc7), and “stuff” is all working on Fedora. (Including the egmde snap based on Mir 2.3.0~rc7).

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