WLCS 1.2.0 Release

Hello all!

I’m pleased to announce the 1.2.0 release of WLCS, the (aspirationally-named) WayLand Conformance Suite. This minor release does not change the compositor-integration interface but mainly adds new tests, especially around the wlr protocols and protocol errors!

Highlights include

  • Add tests for wlr_layer_shell_unstable_v1
  • Build fixes for Musl libc; WLCS now builds on Alpine. Thanks, Luca Weiss
  • Even more XDG Shell tests, particularly around protocol errors, window-geometry, and input edge-cases.
  • Add tests for wlr_foreign_toplevel_management_unstable_v1
  • Many improvements to wl_subsurface tests. Notably this fixes a misinterpretation of the protocol which lead to testing for incorrect behaviour.

Go forth and test!