Swaybg on Mir

I came across swaybg and wondered if it works with Mir. The short answer is “yes”.

Looking at the documentation, the longer answer is “yes, if you enable a couple of extensions: zwlr_layer_shell_v1 and zxdg_output_manager_v1”. And that just happens to be what egmde does for “shell-components”. (They are also enabled by default in the mir_demo_server from mir-test-tools.)

The only slight complication is that swaybg takes options on the command-line and egmde doesn’t (currently) support command-line options in it’s --shell-components configuration.

So I wrote a small wrapper script:

$ cat `which my-swaybg`
exec swaybg -i '/home/alan/Pictures/wallpapers/IMG_1804.jpg'

And that allowed me to start egmde with a bespoke background:

sudo apt install swaybg
egmde  --shell-components my-swaybg:waybar

I’m also using Waybar as described her:

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