Mir 1.7.1 Release

[These notes were actually written by @sophie-w, but he’s having trouble posting at the moment]

Mir 1.7.1 Release

We’re pleased to announce the release of Mir 1.7.1.

For Ubuntu, Mir is available from the Mir PPAs.

It is also available as a source tarball.


Many of the improvements relate to our support for running X11 apps on Mir via XWayland. We fixed issues with popups, keyboard focus, environment variables etc. X11 apps are now usable enough that we no longer consider this feature experimental. To try it out, run miral-shell --enable-x11 and start xterm with Ctrl+Alt+X. There’s still plenty of rough edges and improvements to come.


ABI summary:

  • unchanged


  • [X11] Lots of improvements to Xwayland & X11 window managment
  • [X11] X11 support is no longer “experimental” (–enable-x11 replaces --x11-display-experimental )
  • [X11] add --x11-displayfd option
  • [miral] Make app launch environment configurable. (Fixes: #1268)
  • [miral] Add ExternalClientLauncher::launch_using_x11()
  • [demos] Simplify miral-app script and make terminal logic more robust
  • [demos] Add “Mir Shell” to greeter
  • [demos] Install Wayland dependences via Debian “Recommends”
  • Tell Java toolkits that we’re a non-reparenting window manager

Bugs fixed:

  • [X11] Lots of fixes to Xwayland & X11 window managment code
  • [miral] Occasionally input locks when launching apps. (#1218)
  • Fix FTBFS with g+±10. (Fixes: #1259)
  • Correct logic to locate gmock when gtest has package configuration. (Fixes: #1228)
  • Fix FTBFS caused by GTest deprecation of INSTANTIATE_TEST_CASE_P
  • Use ByteSizeLong instead of deprecated ByteSize. (Fixes #1127)
  • Fix unnecessary copies in range-for loops (Clang-11 fixes)
  1. You can also install mir-demos and mir-graphics-drivers-desktop and choose “Mir Session” from the login screen.

  2. the mir-kiosk and mir-test-tools snaps have been updated to 1.7.1 on the respective stable channels.