Release 2.6.0

We are pleased to announce Mir 2.6


This release includes some MirAL enhancements that:

  1. Allow a shell to better identify snapped client applications; and,
  2. Provides a more flexible way to control the extension protocols available to a client

These will be used by the upcoming release of Ubuntu Frame to fully integrate onscreen keyboard support. (This integration has been available for testing on the edge channel for a few weeks.)


As a result of some work on “device bringup” (more on this shortly) we’ve fixed some invalid assumptions about the valid format(s) of GBM framebuffers.

Keyboard focus (bugfix)

Mir did not properly distinguish between the “active” window and “keyboard focus” and that led to some cases of odd behaviour.


ABI summary

  • mirplatform ABI bumped to 23
  • mirserver ABI bumped to 57


  • [Wayland] Error on invalid xdg_surface size
  • [MirAL] add a socket_fd_of(Application) function (for use with authenticating in snaps with apparmor)
  • [MirAL] Add WaylandExtensions::conditionally_enable(). (Fixes #2194)
  • Add display-scale option
  • Try harder to pick a working GBM framebuffer (Some drivers don’t support rendering to RGBX GBM buffers)

Bugs fixed

  • [Wayland] Extension names in configuration and global names should match. (Fixes #2208)
  • fix Miral shell text on Arch
  • Differentiate between active surfaces and surfaces with keyboard input. (Fixes #1626, #2189)

Mir 2.6.0 is available as a source tarball and the Mir PPAs.

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Thanks to a typo (my mistake) the packages are named with a stray leading “0” (e.g. “02.6.0-0ubuntu20.04”). I don’t see that causing any practical problems, so I’m not going to fix it.

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