Release 2.13.0

Mir 2.13.0 Release

We’re pleased to announce the release of Mir 2.13.0.

This release brings some updates to the versions of Wayland protocols (wl_output and XDG shell) and a bunch of features around display configuration.

Display configuration

Mir has long supported a .display configuration file for specifying one or more layouts of screens. This has been enhanced to:

  • inititialise the content of this file with alternative layouts;
  • pick up changes to the file without restarting the server; and,
  • allow changing the selection of alternative layouts (also without restarting the server)


ABI summary:

  • mirplatform ABI bumped to 25


  • Document that extension filter callbacks are called multiple times
  • [miral] Automate reloading display configuration
  • [miral] Add a side-by-side layout to the .display configuration
  • [miral] Add a .display-layout configuration file
  • [miral] Provide output names
  • [miral] Add an API for adding custom attributes to outputs
  • [platform] Display: Remove register_pause_resume_handlers
  • [platforms] Sensible output names on kms based platforms. (Fixes: #2815)
  • [Wayland] bump wl_output to version 4 (Fixes #2792)
  • [Wayland] Detect cyclic parent-child relationships
  • [Wayland] Bump XDG shell stable protocol to version 5 (Fixes #2778)
  • [console] Set the logind session(Fixes: #2833)

Bugs fixed:

  • Recomposite when display configuration changes need it. (Fixes: #2807)
  • Implement XDG poup constraint adjustment support. (Fixes #2857)

Mir 2.13.0 is available as a source tarball and the Mir PPAs .

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