Mir Release 2.7.0

We are pleased to announce Mir 2.7

Idle timeout

In many embedded scenarios it is useful to dim or switch off the display after a period of inactivity. Mir now has a configuration option for this.

Onscreen keyboard and Qt applications

Qt only supports the older zwp_text_input_manager_v2 protocol, we’ve added support for this to Mir.


This release introduces MirOil, a support API to assist the migration of Lomiri (nee Unity8) to the current version of Mir. Read more about this library on the UBports forum.

Keyboard focus

Fixed more corner-cases of keyboard focus management

Supported distributions

We’ve ensured that Mir 2.7 builds with the latest versions of Ubuntu (jammy), Fedora (rawhide), Debian (sid) and Alpine (edge).


ABI summary

  • miroil ABI added, at version 1


  • Add “idle-timeout” configuration option
  • Support zwp_text_input_manager_v2: This older text input protocol is the only one currently supported by Qt. (Fixes #2260)
  • Move to c++20
  • Add mir::system_executor, linearising_executor
  • Add -gdb option to miral-app script to run the server under gdb
  • Add miroil (compatibility layer for Lomiri)

Bugs fixed

  • Give keyboard focus to menus (grabbing popups). (Fixes #2241)
  • XWayland fixes for dialog window type (Fixes #2250)
  • Don’t send keyboard events without focus
  • Don’t request axis values when axis is unset. (Fixes #2248)
  • Fix mentions of mirclient in mirserver.pc, mirtest.pc
  • Fix pkg-config mistakes in mirwayland.pc mirtest.pc
  • WlKeyboard: use WlSeat::FocusListener for focus tracking (Fixes #2272)
  • Deactivate text input when the Wayland object is deleted (Fixes #2269)
  • Send wl_pointer.axis_stop. (Fixes #2247, #2276)
  • FTBFS with newer deps on Fedora/rawhide, Alpine/edge & Debian/sid
  • wl_pointer: do not send events not compatible with version (Fixes #2341)

Mir 2.7.0 is available as a source tarball and the Mir PPAs.


I’ve pushed out Mir 2.7.0 to Fedora Linux 34 and newer. It should be available for all Fedora Linux releases now.


Mir 2.7.0 is now in Ubuntu 22.04 too.