Mir Release 2.15.0

Here’s another Mir release, with all new API documentation at https://canonical-mir.readthedocs-hosted.com/ and clearing up some previously deprecated API.


MirAL bumped to 4.0, removed previously deprecated:

  • mir_keyboard_event_key_code
  • WaylandExtensions::set_filter
  • WaylandExtensions::zwp_virtual_keyboard_v1
  • WaylandExtensions::zwp_virtual_input_v1
  • WindowManagementPolicy::handle_request_drag_and_drop
  • WindowManagerTools::start_drag_and_drop
  • WindowManagerTools::end_drag_and_drop

ABI summary:

  • miral ABI bumped to 6
  • mirserver ABI bumped to 59
  • mirwayland ABI bumped to 4

Packaging changes:

  • [debian] mir-doc dropped in favour of online documentation


Bugs fixed

  • [input] keyboard meta key state gets out of step #2985

Mir 2.15.0 is available as a source tarball and, soon, the Mir PPAs. It will soon find its way into Debian, and from there to Ubuntu, as well as other distributions - kudos to the maintainers of those packages!


I’ve submitted it for inclusion for Fedora 39 (it is already present in Fedora Rawhide).

Unfortunately, the changes to the documentation tooling have forced me to drop the local build of the documentation. This (combined with the MirAL changes) means that it will only be available for Fedora 39 and later.

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