The Ubuntu Community


We are an international community with a mission to bring free software to the widest possible audience. Our name “Ubuntu” means “humanity towards others”. We embody this by welcoming anyone in our community and sharing our work freely. With millions of users and thousands of contributors all over the world, we help shape the future of computing.

Welcome! Whether you’re an (aspiring) artist, writer, software developer, or systems administrator, there are lots of ways to get involved! We would be thrilled to have a chat and guide you through this beautiful and inspiring community.


There are many ways you can participate in the Ubuntu community. If you can think of it, it might just be what we need. You can choose the level and interests that works for you.

Our project is large and diverse just like the community that empowers it. We rely on individuals with different skills, both technical and non, to build Ubuntu and its many components. We invite you to help shape Ubuntu to better meet your needs. Discover the many ways that you can contribute to Ubuntu.

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Level Path Navlink
0 / Community
1 support Community Support
1 contribute Contribute
2 contribute/application-development App Development
2 contribute/ubuntu-development Ubuntu Development
3 contribute/ubuntu-development/ubuntu-patch-pilots Ubuntu Patch Pilots
2 contribute/documentation Documentation
3 contribute/documentation/discourse Discourse Documentation
2 contribute/art-design Art and Design
2 contribute/translation-localisation Translation and Localisation
2 contribute/qa-testing QA and Testing
2 contribute/donation Donations Funding
1 ethos Ethos
2 ethos/code-of-conduct Ubuntu Code of Conduct
2 ethos/diversity Diversity Policy
2 ethos/mission Our Mission
1 communications/matrix Matrix Chat
2 communications/matrix/onboarding Getting Started
2 communications/matrix/usage Using Matrix
3 communications/matrix/completing-setup Completing your setup
3 communications/matrix/multiple-accounts Using Multiple Accounts
3 communications/matrix/register-ubuntu-com Registering on
3 communications/matrix/bug-reporting Reporting Bugs
3 communications/matrix/abuse-reporting Reporting Abuse
3 communications/matrix/ignore-list Managing your Ignore list
2 communications/matrix/management Room Administration
3 communications/matrix/recommended-room-settings Recommended room settings
3 communications/matrix/room-creation-public Creating a public room
3 communications/matrix/room-creation-private Creating a private room
3 communications/matrix/space-creation-public Creating a public space
3 communications/matrix/space-creation-private Creating a private space
3 communications/matrix/room-configuration-announcements Creating a news room
3 communications/matrix/room-maintenance Room Maintenance
3 communications/matrix/room-moderation Room Moderation
3 communications/matrix/rooms-spaces Publish Rooms & Spaces
3 communications/matrix/changing-addresses Changing Addresses
3 communications/matrix/regain-control Regain control of a room
2 communications/matrix/operations Operations
3 communications/matrix/rooms-spaces-process Rooms and Spaces Process
3 communications/matrix/moderation-and-defense Moderation and Defense
3 communications/matrix/moderation-defenders Defenders
3 communications/matrix/moderation-moderators Moderators
3 communications/matrix/contact-matrix-council Contact the Matrix Council
3 communications/matrix/mjolnir-commands Mjolnir Commands
2 communications/matrix/concepts Explanation & Concepts
3 communications/matrix/moderation-and-defense Moderation and Defense
3 communications/matrix/room-publishing Room Publishing
3 communications/matrix/rooms-spaces-concepts Rooms and Spaces
3 communications/matrix/room-properties Room Properties
3 communications/matrix/bridging-integrations Bridging and Integrations
3 communications/matrix/matrix-irc-bridging-limitations IRC bridging limitations
3 communications/matrix/moderator-bot Moderator Bot
2 communications/matrix/governance Governance
1 governance Project Governance
2 governance/canonical Canonical
2 governance/debian Debian
2 governance/community-council Community Council
3 governance/conflict-resolution Conflict Resolution
2 governance/technical-board Technical Board
2 governance/delegation Delegation
2 governance/teams Ubuntu Teams
3 governance/teams/hpc HPC Team
3 governance/teams/rocks Rocks Community
1 locos Ubuntu Local Communities
2 locos/join Join a Local Community
2 locos/create Create a Local Community
2 locos/verification Local Community Verification
2 locos/faq Local Community FAQ
1 membership Ubuntu Membership
2 membership/perks Perks
2 membership/requirements Requirements
2 membership/application Application Process


Mapping table
Path Location
docs/canonical /governance/canonical
docs/code-of-conduct /governance/code-of-conduct
docs/debian /debian
/community/governance/diversity /community/ethos/diversity
/community/governance/mission /community/ethos/mission
/community/governance/code-of-conduct /community/ethos/code-of-conduct

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