Ubuntu Matrix: bug reports, feature requests, and known issues

Bug reports and feature requests

Please report issues in this GitHub repository . We will review the feedback regularly and use it to resolve issues or consider features to improve interactions between community members and staff.

Matrix discussions

If you want to take part in the broad discussion about the Ubuntu Matrix project, you can do so in this Discourse thread, or in the Matrix room listed below:

  • Join #matrix-ops:ubuntu.com room. This is where you can discuss issues or bugs, and where you can discuss the Ubuntu Matrix project in general.

Known issues

  • Element web client is not available on the Ubuntu Matrix instance yet. We will send updates once the Element web client will be ready to test. You can use app.element.io or a desktop client as noted in the instructions.

  • Users with accounts created outside of the Ubuntu Matrix instance might have issues connecting to resources on the Ubuntu Matrix instance. This is because federation functionality is limited. As we are exploring ways to make federation work with our infrastructure, we have allow-listed a certain set of hosts that our instance can federate with. You will experience an M_UNKNOWN error when trying to connect from other hosts. Please file an issue on this GitHub repository and make sure to add a clear description of your issue. You can use “Request federation whitelist” if you need your homeserver allow-listed. Common hosts such as matrix.org and modular.im are permitted. There is a task in progress to enable full federation on the Ubuntu Matrix instance. Please stay tuned for more information.

  • Adding Ubuntu Matrix instance to the server search list does not work from external servers. This is a known issue, it is being tracked and triaged. You can check status on this GitHub issue.

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