Ubuntu Matrix Project - Aspirational index


This is an aspirational index, a list of documentation items we would like to write and publish. If you are looking to get involved and want to help, feel free to pick up any of the items represented with a construction emoji :construction: . All you have to do is write a post in this category. If you need help, you can reply to this thread.

Documentation links

Using Matrix

How-to publish and list rooms and spaces
How-to change the main address of a room or space to ubuntu.com
How-to rename or delete a room
:construction: How-to: Backup and restore your encryption keys

Managing Matrix

Ubuntu Matrix: bug reports, feature requests, and known issues
Ubuntu Matrix: onboarding instructions
Ubuntu Matrix: Bridging and Integrations
:construction: Ubuntu Matrix: terminal clients for matrix
:construction: Ubuntu Matrix: Linux clients for matrix
:construction: Ubuntu Matrix: mobile clients for matrix
:construction: Ubuntu Matrix: SAML and Launchpad accounts

Moderating Matrix

Matrix moderation: Official Rooms and Spaces process
:construction: Matrix moderation: roles and responsibilities
:construction: Matrix moderation: moderation style, rules, escalations and reports
:construction: Matrix moderation: moderator workflow
:construction: Matrix moderation: defender workflow
:construction: Matrix moderation: Mjolnir bot commands
:construction: Matrix moderation: user interaction with defenders and moderators

Matrix concepts

Matrix concepts: Room publishing
Matrix concepts: Rooms and Spaces
Matrix concepts: Room properties
:construction: Matrix concepts: federation