Matrix Council Meeting report: 18 January 2024

Matrix Council Meeting report: 18 January 2024

Representatives of the Matrix Council had their third online meeting, 18 January 2024.

Meeting participants: Merlijn Sebrechts (@merlijn-sebrechts), Aaron Rainbolt (@arraybolt3), Seth Arnold (@seth-arnold), Mauro Gaspari (@ilvipero), Nils Buchner (, Marc Gilligan (@ulfnic)

Meeting Chair: Marc Gilligan (@ulfnic)


New meeting time/date

Meetings will remain on Thursdays but be pushed back an hour to avoid scheduling conflicts.


We created an aspirational documentation index so community members can see what documentation we’d like to have and so they can collaborate.

Improvement of existing guides was discussed. How-to change the main address of a room or space to will be split into one aimed at Matrix room owners and another at matrix admins, and mods defining process and responsibilities.

Documentation layouts and templating was discussed weighing different pros and cons; as was the use of various platforms.

Ease of contribution was a priority item.

The Matrix Council believes restrictions to who is able to edit wiki pages should be low.

Staying flexible on raising and lowering restrictions on an as-needed basis was also discussed.

Defenders & Moderators

The Council briefly discussed Ubuntu Hideout’s moderation policies as a great example to aspire to. We will look further into their moderation policies including their recent talk.

Pros and cons were discussed around the visibility of the Moderator role and it’s naming to be continued at a later date.



  1. Sunday February 25th: Call for nomination opens
  2. Sunday March 10th: Call for nomination closes
  3. Sunday March 17th: voting starts
  4. Sunday March 31st: voting ends

Who Can Vote?

Ubuntu Members (includes IRC members)

Who can run?

Ubuntu members; but Canonical employees should state their affiliation on the ballot. We would like the council to consist of both Canonical employees and external community members because they have different views on Ubuntu. But all Ubuntu members are equal, so we don’t want to limit non-canonical stuff.


Thank you for the info here. It’s extremely useful for us getting to grips with running Matrix rooms.