Using multiple Matrix accounts

The Element client does not support logging in with multiple concurrent accounts. However you can still do this by following the steps below.

Using the Element Desktop app

  1. Install Element Desktop:

  2. Login with Your First Account:

    • Start Element Desktop and log in with your first account. This becomes the default login.
  3. Opening a Second Account:

    • To use a second account simultaneously:
      • Open a console by pressing Ctrl + Alt + T.
      • Run element-desktop --profile account2.
      • This opens Element with your second account. If not specified, it defaults to the first account.

You can manually start Element with the second account via the CLI, or you can create a desktop launcher shortcut for it (instructions will vary depending on the desktop environment you choose.)

Using Firefox and Element Web

Firefox has this handy feature called “Multi Account Containers”. Each container acts as a completely different browser with different accounts. Just open Element Web in two different containers, and you can login to two accounts at the same time.


On mobile, the options are somewhat limited. While you can utilize Element Mobile alongside apps like SchildiChat or FluffyChat, it’s worth noting that they may not fully support all the features utilized by the Ubuntu Community, potentially impacting your experience. This will become better with time.