Ubuntu is more than just a name. It embodies the very essence of our community. Deriving from an ancient African word that means “humanity to others”, our mission is and has always been to spread this spirit to the software world.

Ubuntu Code of Conduct

Members of the Ubuntu Community follow a simple code of conduct that helps ensure our community stays healthy, stable and remains a place for collaboration and prosperity. For those wanting to join in our efforts, it is crucial to learn and embody these important principles.

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Diversity Policy

Our community gains strength from its diversity and actively encourages everyone to participate in the project. We are committed to fostering a community that everyone feels proud to be a part of and one that is built around a mutual respect for one another.

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Our Mission

The mission for Ubuntu is both social and economic. We believe that bringing free software to the widest audience will empower individuals and communities to innovate, experiment and grow. It is through the great equalizing quality of open source that we seek to spread the spirit of Ubuntu around the world.

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