Ubuntu Matrix Governance

Ubuntu Matrix Council

The Matrix Council is highest governance body of the Ubuntu Matrix project. They define the policies, the moderation guidelines, and appoint operators and defenders.

Even though the council has the end responsibility in these matters, we encourage everyone to contribute. There is a lot of work ahead of us and they can’t do it alone! Public discussion with the Council and operators happens in the Ubuntu Matrix Ops room.

You can find the authoritative list of council members in the matrix-council team on Launchpad.

The council’s term is limited until 2026-04-01.


The operators help the council with making sure the Ubuntu Matrix platform is running smoothly. They help define policies, write documentation, and do day-to-day management tasks such as publishing rooms. Operators typically join Matrix Council meetings, although they have no formal voting power.

You can find the authoritative list of Operators in the matrix-operators team on Launchpad.

Operators are appointed by the Matrix Council. Former Matrix Council members have Operator status.


Defenders are global moderators that help combat spam waves and obvious trolls across the rooms of our homeserver. This group has access to the Moderation bot in order to fulfill their duties.

You can find the authoritative list of defenders here: Matrix Defenders in Launchpad

Defenders are appointed by the Matrix Council.

Room Administrators

Room administrators manage a room on the Ubuntu Matrix homeserver and are responsible for day-to-day moderation. They ensure the room conforms to our guidelines. They also appoint moderators for their room.

Anyone can become a Room Administrator by creating a room.


Moderators ensure everyone in an Ubuntu Matrix room follows the Ubuntu Code of Conduct. They guide users towards positive behavior and collaborative communication.

Moderators are appointed by the Room Administrators.