🚧 IRC bridge bot commands

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This document references the commands a user can send to the Ubuntu Matrix IRC bridge bot. This bot is using the matrix-appservice-irc software, deployed and hosted in the Canonical infrastructure as a snap package.


  • !cmd [irc.example.net] COMMAND [arg0 [arg1 […]]] : Issue a raw IRC command. These will not produce a reply.(Note that the command must be all uppercase.)
  • !feature feature-name [true/false/default] : Enable, disable or default a feature’s status for your account.Will display the current feature status if true/false/default not given.
  • !join [irc.example.net] #channel [key] : Join a channel (with optional channel key)
  • !nick [irc.example.net] DesiredNick : Change your nick. If no arguments are supplied, your current nick is shown.
  • !quit : Leave all bridged channels, on all networks, and remove your connections to all networks.
  • !active : Mark yourself as active, which will exclude you from any idleness kicks.


  • !storepass [irc.example.net] passw0rd : Store a NickServ OR SASL password (server password)
  • !reconnect [irc.example.net] : Reconnect to an IRC network.
  • !removepass [irc.example.net] : Remove a previously stored NickServ password
  • !username [irc.example.net] username : Store a username to use for future connections.


  • !bridgeversion : Return the version from matrix-appservice-irc bridge.
  • !listrooms [irc.example.net] : List all of your joined channels, and the rooms they are bridged into.
  • !whois [irc.example.net] NickName|@alice:matrix.org : Do a /whois lookup. If a Matrix User ID is supplied, return information about that user’s IRC connection.


  • !plumb !room:example.com irc.example.net #foobar : Plumb an IRC channel into a Matrix room.
  • !unlink !room:example.com irc.example.net #foobar : Unlink an IRC channel from a Matrix room. You need to be a moderator of the Matrix room or an administrator of this bridge.

Useful documentation

If you are looking for more information about the Matrix IRC bridge bot, or more general information about the Ubuntu Matrix homeserver, you can refer to the documentation below for general direction and help.