Ubuntu Matrix Moderators

As described in the Moderation and Defense of our Matrix Community, Moderators foster the Ubuntu community by ensuring Matrix rooms provide a safe and welcoming environment.
Moderators protect specific Matrix rooms, because each room or space might have slightly different purpose and goals. Having said that, they all have to abide by the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.

How do I become a Moderator?

Moderators are chosen by room administrators. More information on how to become a moderator can be found in this section of the Moderation and Defense of our Matrix Community

How do I contact a Moderator?

Moderators can be found directly in the Matrix room you are using. You can identify moderators with the “Mod” tag in the “People” panel. For specific instructions you can reference this section of the article: How-to report abuse and ask operators help

Useful documentation

If you are looking to become a Defender, or if you are already one, you can refer to the documentation below for general direction and help.