Room Moderation

This document outlines roles and responsibilities of room owners and room moderators. If you are looking to create a new room in the Ubuntu Matrix homeserver, make sure you follow the official process.
If you want to learn more, there are a few documents you can read to understand the basic concepts of Rooms and Spaces, Room Properties, and Room Publishing.

Room owners

Room owners are responsible for all conduct within their room. In order to share load and responsibilities, it would be ideal to also have a few moderators (mods) in each room. The general preference of the Ubuntu Matrix Council is that there should not be a formal process to become a moderator. Instead, room owners can offer the moderator role to members of their community. This ensures alignment with the moderation style and vision of the Ubuntu homeserver. In order for this to work at scale, room owners are encouraged to read Moderation and Defense of our Matrix Community .

Room moderators

Once room owners identify a potential candidate to be a room moderator, they have the authority to grant them moderator (mod) power level. Before doing so, it is also recommended that potential new room moderators read the Ubuntu CoC and Moderation and Defense of our Matrix Community.
Room moderators should also join the Ubuntu Matrix Ops room where they can ask for help or start discussions as needed.

Defender spotlight

Room owners are empowered to identify and spotlight outstanding moderators to become Defenders. This applies only to users that have an account on the Ubuntu Matrix homeserver. Room owners can reach out to room moderators that are in line with the moderation style and vision of the Ubuntu Matrix homeserver, ask them if they would be willing to be spotlighted to become a Defender. If the room moderator agrees, then Room owner can reach out to the ops team in this channel and linkthe matrix handle of the moderator they would like to spotlight.
The ops team will start a process to mentor and train the upcoming server moderator, and once a positive outcome has been reached, the candidate is granted server moderator status.

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