Patch Pilot Hand-off 24.04

Minor housekeeping on open bugs and MPs. Open context:

IRC activity: handover comments between pilots. No users’ questions/requests.

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  • Looked through the walinuxagent merge, but it seems Lucas has things well in hand there, and given the complexity of the patch I’m inclined to wait for his review of Calvin’s recent revision before taking any further action.
  • LP: #2039037 – Reviewed optee-test-s32 and left some suggestions and requests
  • LP: #2034650 – Reviewed and sponsored uboot-s32 with some minor adjustments to the changelog
  • Skipped the no-esm merges as those are pending reviews from specific interested parties
  • LP: #2051908 – Reviewed; pending concerns from prior reviewers, unsubscribed ubuntu-sponsors until these are addressed
  • LP: #2051270 – Reviewed and sponsored sysdig SRU
  • LP: #2040059 – Reviewed and intending to sponsor sagemath pending a local build; would be a no-change rebuild but for a horrid need to bump the arbitrary “tolerated build failures” number (but given that’s already 200 (!) by default, and the application is in a completely-broken-won’t-even-launch state, what’s 30 more … urgh!)

Started this at 47 items, with lots over 1 week or even 2 weeks old…

Then I ran out of the allocated time so no more :frowning:

Extra sponsoring post shift for Foundations uploads to get queue size more managable:

Syncs I did after, out of order:

  • Mark pexpect as ‘Fix Released’, already got sync’ed
  • Sync libunivalue from unstable, delta applied in Debian
  • Sync spirv-tools from unstable, delta applied in Debian
  • Sync digimend-dkms from unstable, delta applied in Debian
  • Sync cpp-httplib from unstable, delta not needed any more
  • Review & sponsor lptools, incl. git-ubuntu history
  • Review & sponsor vtun fix
    • Also sponsor corresponding SRUs to Mantic, Jammy, Focal
  • Unsubscribing ~ubuntu-sponsors from ncurses fix, which already got sponsored
  • Unsubscribing ~ubuntu-sponsors from faketime fix, which already got sponsored
  • Review, fixup & sponsor asterisk-espeak fix
  • Unsubscribing ~ubuntu-sponsors from gdb fix, which already got sponsored by doko
  • Quick initial feedback on newt merge
  • Review & sponsor digimend-dkms SRU for Jammy
  • Unsubscribe ~ubuntu-sponsors from openjfx FTBFS, which already got fixed

Kudos to Sudip Mukherjee for preparing some very nice patches!

+1 on Sudip Mukherjee preparing great patches!

  • Review and sponsor of walinuxagent MP.
  • Review of pmount MP.
  • Review of dart et all package updates proposed in this LP bug.
  • Started to review the lcm update proposed here but this is a big change, no time to finish it.