Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 2024/02/15

Previous status: Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 2024/02/08

Next status: Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 2024/02/22



  • Finished the deb822 transition for livecd-rootfs to the point where it produces working desktop and cloud images and uploaded it
  • Some follow up work in ubuntu-release-upgrader to make it work with the source merging in python-apt 2.7.5
  • Reviewed cloud-init PR#4770 aligning it with livecd-rootfs


1024-bit RSA key deprecation:

  • Setup a meeting to discuss the Launchpad specification and push it to completion
  • Merged gnupg 2.4 from Debian experimental, to which we will be applying the new upstream stable branch commit that adds an --assert-pubkey_algo argument (currently that fails the test suite at build time though, so is disabled).

Misc Distro:

  • [proposed-migration] Merged unattended-upgrades and fixed remaining regressions for 3.12





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-fno-omit-framepointer benchmarking:

  • running a subset of phoronix test suite benchmark to estimate effect of enabling the flag [in progress]

default Java 21:


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armhf time_t


  • tried to get sbuild’s autopkgtest’s LXD backend working, i.e. build with sbuild that uses autopkgtest that uses LXD to get an environment for the build; and didn’t succeed; still looking for people who managed to do so!


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I have been doing +1 maintenance this week (report will be sent to ubuntu-devel tomorrow):

  • ncurses/i386 autpkgtest failure (LP: #2052951)
    • fix sponsored by juliank
  • meson/arm64 autopkgtest failure (LP: #2049904)
    • WIP
  • Sync request for python-ldappool (LP: #2053123)
    • waiting for OpenStack team feedback
  • Sync Libcatmandu-sru-perl (LP: #2053124)
    • uploaded by juliank
  • Ifupdown merge (MP: #460519)
    • waiting for review
  • Xscreensaver merge (MP: #460575)
    • waiting for review


  • GRUB 2.12 uploaded by juliank
    • investigating a ppc64 boot regression on OpenStack (for now reverted some ppc64 patches as a workaround)
  • python-uefivars 1.0.0-0ubuntu2 ubuntu-boot-test 1 uploaded by juliank
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Ubuntu 24.04 RISC-V images

  • retest images


  • Preinstall U-Boot on the StarFive VisionFive 2 image


  • Fix a warning due to an incorrect value in the service definition

Silicon vendor collaboration

  • Provide firmware builds
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  • Some MP reviews (like the UUID one!)
  • cross-arch testing tests and validation with latest autopkgtest: both locally as a dev, and on staging in the infra

iso testing

auto-upgrade testing

  • In the process of adding upgrade testing for Ubuntu Studio here


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  • PR #185 - Implement the rootfs creation mode in ubuntu-image
    • In review.
  • PR # 174 - Improve user management customization
    • Merged
  • PR # 186 - Support generating Deb822 sources list
    • First version done. In review.
  • PR # 187 - Support deb822 format when adding extra PPAs
    • In progress
  • Merged PR #182
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  • identified issue of proposed-migration libapache2-mod-python/ vs python 3.12 and working on a fix
    • having trouble to replicate issue locally with proposed packages due to broken autopkgtest --apt-pocket proposed flag for noble images LP #2052639


  • completed compliance training
  • travel paperwork for Engineering Sprint in madrid
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  • Patch piloting on Monday
  • Investigating build failure of sagemath, sponsored during that shift (LP: #2040059)
  • Working on power monitoring daemon for Pi 5 (docs and packaging)
  • Fixed an annoying issue in virtualenvwrapper (LP: #2012703)
  • Released gpiozero 2.0.1 to fix FTBFS with Python 3.12 (LP: #2051531)
  • Investigated jruby failing to migrate (again, not sure best way forward here) (LP: #2023589)
  • Pi meetings
  • Take home tests
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  • hiring
  • pulse planning
  • compliance training
  • hr, training & travel paperwork
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  • reverted my debian-cd changes that broke the layerfs-using flavors
  • got the perl transition through!
  • re-enabled Debian autosyncs


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  • merged SSH UI rework
  • ported a few fixes to our stable branch for upcoming 22.04.4
  • opened PR 1910 making Ubuntu Pro screen show correct ESM EOL date (based on distro-info) for the version of Ubuntu being installed ; rather than showing the jammy ESM EOL date.
  • experimentation with a new Subiquity bug triage process
  • experimented with network in initramfs (for NVMe-over-TCP)


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  • Ran the TCK-17 suite on focal-amd64 and focal-arm64. All well.
  • Canonistack VMs “kill” some of the large tests midway, retries help.
    Updated scripts to retry such targets for a fixed number of times before
    concluding failure.
  • Test-run for noble-amd64 (in-progress)


  • Merge request to ensure the “java.vendor” property is set to Ubuntu
  • Merge request to the copyright-generator to detect version from debian/rules
  • Merge request to fix dependency check failures with the openjdk-17 build on previous LTS releases

OpenJDK-21 migration to default


  • python-django-bootstrap-form: concluded through sync request, autopkgtest re-run
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Short week due to holidays Monday through Wednesday.


  • Investigating a way to remove the launcher script on the .NET snap PoC (FO-151)


  • Investigating proposed migrations for libdrm and passenger vs python3-defaults
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  • Some work on apport to get it in shape for @bdrung’s return
  • Some glibc patch reviews and rerolls leading to a small trip down the rabbit hole of varargs ABIs.
  • Currently finishing up the main ansible/ansible-core work to get it updates (re python 3.12)
  • Hiring tasks
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  • Tighten permissions on netplan permissions written by the installer - PR: #1911
  • Working on a bug in Subiquity where editing a created bond crashes the installer
  • Following up with my apport spec


  • I was on +1 last week, you can read my report in the ubuntu-devel mailing list archive
  • Proprosed-migration task: Submitted a patch for ipyparallel (LP: #2052727) - Thanks Graham for sponsoring!
  • Followed up on jruby migration a bit (LP: #2023589)
  • Following up on ubuntu-dev-tools MP: #459002 for a new tool running-autopkgtests
  • Following up on ros-ros-comm from my +1 shift last week to unblock tinyxml2 and python3.12
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