Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 2024/02/29

subiquity / curtin

  • opened MP in curtin to support rootfs on remote storage (i.e., NVMe-over-TCP). This requires a separate boot fs (+ EFI partition) on local storage
  • about to open a PR with the associated change in subiquity


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  • netplan status --diff bug fixes, refactoring and man page update PR#444
  • SR-IOV VF-LAG bug fixes related to systemd services ordering PR#439


  • +1 maintenance week (entangled with netplan tasks)
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  • Working on annual compliance trainings
  • Reviewed a take home test
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  • attended .NET Security Partners meeting

  • refactoring autopkgtest

Ubuntu Packaging Guide

  • writing articles about package merging


  • proposed-migration of libapache2-mod-python/ (unable to replicate failure locally)


  • 360 preparations
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  • Completed full TCK-21 runs on focal, jammy and noble, amd64 and arm64 (noble-arm64 pending).
  • Modified scripts to support full-log collection (many disk-space related hiccups on canonistack, but works well on my laptop).

OpenJDK Jan 24 quarterly updates

  • OpenJDK-21, 17, 11 released for mantic, jammy, focal and bionic
  • OpenJDK 8 is currently WIP



  1. dnspython merge - uploaded, thanks enr0n
  2. python-trio FTBFS workaround - uploaded, thanks enr0n

Code reviews


Adoptium WG meeting
360 Knowledge sharing session
Schengen visa submission visit to the Spanish consulate agency

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  • qemu-system-riscv64 fails when running the UEFI SCT on EDK II (LP: #2055296)
    I sent a patch upstream that is enough for the SCT to run but which probably is not the final solution and identified which SCT test causes the issue when accessing an virtio-pci drive.

Silicon vendor collaboration

  • Packacked new vendor EDK II version

Board evaluation

  • Installed Ubuntu userland with vendor kernel on CanMV-K230.


  • Merge from Debian LP #2054686


  • Merge from Debian LP #2054681 - sponsor needed

searx, searx-admin

  • Drop packages searx and searx-admin from noble (like Debian did)
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  • rdma-core: Release 50.0-1
  • sbuild: After working with upstream, all our remaining changes were merged upstream. Therefore I could sync 0.85.6 to noble. sbuild is finally in sync. This hasn’t be the case in recorded history.
  • tzdata: Verified tzdata 2024a release SRUs
  • Pre-feature freeze updates:
    • python-tiny-proxy 0.2.1-1
    • pyflakes 3.2.0-1
    • python-flake8 7.0.0-1


proposed migration

  • python-tz: Some test retriggering let python-tz 2024.1-2 migrate to nobble.

64-bit time_t transition

I uploaded over 300 packages to Debian unstable for the armhf 64-bit time_t transition.

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  • travel planning
  • greenhouse
  • playing around with debconf, perl, LD_PRELOAD, uname(2), tmux and other fun stuff while working on reforming the needrestart behaviour before FF.

I’m not late YET!

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  • golang-defaults has been updated to 1.22, and migrated.
  • Retry several autopkgtests for Go packages, to ensure they are migrated and ready for rebuilding with Go 1.22.


  • Merge kmod/31+20240202-2, thanks @enr0n for sponsoring. But it FTBFS on armhf after the time_t changes in compiler/dpkg.
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New requirements for APT repository signing

  • Uploaded gnupg2 with the --assert-pubkey-algo command; forwarded patch to Debian
  • Released apt 2.7.13, introducing support for public key algorithm policy
  • Wrote discourse post and debian-devel-announce email

time_t transition

  • uploaded pkg-kde-tools to remove lintian dependency on armhf temporarily to unblock ghostscript
  • uploaded perl and proposed NMU diff

/usr move

  • some more analysis and discussions with helmut


  • wireless-tools
  • xfsprogs
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  • Assisted with reconstruction of the autopkgtest database.
  • Pinged IS regarding issues with s0lp4 in bos02. RT 155441


  • Reported bug 2054716 regarding policykit which was seen during a distribution upgrade from Jammy to Noble and caught during automated testing.
  • Helped with the final bits of the 22.04.4 release.
  • Disabled auto-syncs from Debian to help with the python3 transition. Reenabled them after they finished.
  • Reviewed, tested, merged @andersson123’s MP which added a pre-commit step for run-tests to ubuntu-cdimage. Thanks Tim!
  • Unblocked the Launchpad retracing service which had run out of disk space.
  • Pinged IS regarding the -changes mailing lists not receiving messages since Friday.
  • Merged an MP updating security-britney and the allowed arches and releases.
  • Did some detective work into security-britney charm and then updated the code on security-britney to include my change.
  • Submitted an MP updating the Feature Freeze announcement so that FFes are requested as early as possible rather than last minute when the upload is done.
  • Published release dates for Ubuntu 22.04.5 and Ubuntu 24.04.1.


  • Sorted out issues with my email configuration - sending email was not working.
  • Discussion with the community team regarding
  • Candidate interview.
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  • curtin
    • MP: #461402 - add ZFS encryption keystore functionality
  • subiquity
    • Subiquity 24.02.1, release - write release notes, mark bugs Fix Released, snap channel promotion.
    • PR: #1918 - tell curtin to use the ZFS keystore when doing the encrypted install. Once the above curtin MP is merged, one last tiny PR on subiquity and ZFS encrypted will be available.
    • PR: #1920 - fix unit tests on noble
  • patch pilot
  • mini.iso - fixes prepared to get the noble version running, PRs will also be heading to initramfs-tools livecd-rootfs
  • distro:
    • highlight.js vs sphinx was just a retest click, thanks @jbicha for helping on that
    • pam: do merge from Debian to assist in time_t transition, though it sounds like that should be reverted to follow the debbug discussion
    • python-launchpadlib: merge, all delta incorporated so just sync
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= General =

  • 64-bit time_t work
    • hundreds of packages NMUed into Debian unstable
    • started no-change rebuilds in Ubuntu of reverse dependencies of libtirpc3, libpng16-16 to try to move forward some of the uninstallable/unbuildable chains in noble-proposed
    • bootstrap build of cairo with various build-dependencies dropped to avoid several build-dependency loops; flagged this to jbicha for follow-up since the same will be needed in Debian
    • discussed in Debian and concluded that libpam0g must not change package name due to its transitively essential status in the face of usrmerge transition, so we are reverting and will work out at leisure a solution for the ABI breakage of the two affected library entry points that to our knowledge no package in Debian has ever used
    • ongoing discussion with libselinux upstream
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  • autopkgtest 5.32 SRU to mantic and jammy follow-up work:
    • investigate and write rational about autopkgtest regressions
    • manual verifications too on both releases


auto-upgrade testing




  • Travel arrangements

Sorry for the messy reports, too many URLs to take the time to format it properly, but hey, at least you have pointers :wink:

  • Learn about apport bug patterns and add pattern covering LP: #1940723
  • Fix LP#2055294 which was caused by the cloud style installation feature
  • Investigate exit crash in GRUB LP: #2054127
  • [WIP] Investigate at TODOs for bpfcc and bpftrace MIRs
  • [WIP] Prepare MS signed shim packages
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  • db fixing
  • making download-all-results script faster
  • modify update-github-jobs to not use environmentfile in service file
  • kicking the armhf workers
  • move allowed-teams to juju config and remove it being hardcoded
  • MP for fixing up the lxc armhf metrics as they were sometimes innaccurate
  • MP reviews
  • fixing staging

iso testing

  • noble iso testing
  • updating the testcases in line with the recent installer changes


  • working on an mp to support running lpci on the development release


  • added pre-commit to meta-release
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  • Over the last week I’ve spent a good amount of time on refactoring and architecture changes work for Subiquity to create a class of non-apport-reportable errors. WIP right now but hope to open a PR for this by tomorrow.
  • I’m doing a trial run of Subiquity Bug Triaging this week
  • Review #1920 and #1918


  • Reviewed MP: #461337 for @pushkarnk
  • Opened MP: #461309 in ubuntu-dev-tools to fix LP: #2049217
  • Last weeks proposed migrations biliard vs sphinx: couple of retest clicks did the trick


  • 360 prep
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Default Java 21:

  • Java 21 compatibility fixes: jruby, lombok,
  • java-common migrated, Noble uses Java 21 as default now
  • synced qpid-proton-j-extensions, libthread-java from Debian


-fno-omit-framepointer benchmarking:

  • ran python/ML phoronix tests on commodity hardware.


  • sponsored hexchat for Sudip do fix hexchat crash issue when clicking on a link.
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