Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 2024/02/22

Previous status: Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 2024/02/15

Next status: Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 2024/02/29

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  • Merged a whole bunch of APT merge requests
  • Implemented support for automatic Snapshot: yes if a snapshot server exists.
  • Modernized the includes to use C++ instead of C headers, such as cstddef instead of stddef.h
  • Released 2.7.12 with aforementioned changes.
  • python-apt
    • merged changes from Ravi to enable the phased updates API and released 2.7.6

1024-bit RSA deprecation


  • Reviewed the ubuntu-image merges by @upils

Minimal move to /usr (DEP17):

  • Prepared and validated all moves to /usr for essential packages to remove usrmerge knowledge from bootstrap tools in Packages in “Move essential to /usr” : Move essential to /usr : Julian Andres Klode
  • Done uploads to the main archive:
    • bash
    • bzip2
    • coreutils
    • dash
    • gzip and zutils
    • libcap2
    • pam
    • shadow (merge from Debian)
    • sysvinit
    • util-linux (merge from Debian)
  • TBD in the main archive:
    • Uploading (and migrating) glibc and base-files in lockstep to the archive. base-files takes over the ownership of /lib64 using a trigger and if new glibc migrates without new base-files, /lib64 would be missing and hence nothing would execute anymore. On the reverse, if base-files migrates first, bootstrap fails because glibc might have created /lib or similar directories before symlinks are created.


  • proposed-migration: pygments - retries seem to sort it all out
  • Reporting various issues in autopkgtest-cloud to the QA team
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short week (out 1 day)

  • subiquity
    • PR: #1916 - reduce required models for Desktop, which should address an install hang when those models were not configured
    • PR: #1917 - better name for the ZFS keystore guided storage capability flag
    • Ubuntu 22.04.4 support - Subiquity 24.02.1 snap tag and testing, stable release later today
  • curtin
    • MP: #460790 - add a debugging helper for the integration tests. This has been part of my Curtin workflow for a bit but not yet submitted.
    • MP: #460874 - fix issue where cryptoswap would be opened as LUKS2 at install time and PLAIN later, which contributed to problems of the swap being available for use to the installed system.
    • MP: #460876 - fix a problem with cryptoswap “mounting” by fixing which UUID is supplied in fstab/crypttab, also reduces some code duplication.
    • WIP on ZFS keystore (Ubiquity-style) encrypted zfsroot
  • proposed-migration
  • greenhouse
  • compliance training done
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OpenJDK / Java

OpenJDK 21 migration


  • Completed TCK-17 tests on noble, jammy, focal on amd64/arm64 (noble-arm64 pending)
  • Prepared scripts for TCK-21. Completed a pilot run on jammy-amd64

FIPS/OpenSSL provider prototype

  • Java wrapper for Key Agreements (Diffie-Hellman & Elliptic Curve) and tests
  • Java wrapper for Key Encapsulations (uses the new KEM SPI introduced in JDK-21) and tests


Proposed-migration: python-werkzeug vs. onionshare (re-ran autopkgtests with the corrected targets to enable migration).


Adoptium workgroup meeting
Visa application
Compliance trainings

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  • hiring
  • compliance training
  • networking talks with Michael
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  • PR #184 - Spread tests on arm64 machines
    • In review. Test for building arm64 images are down from more than 2h to 35min! They are still failing but this is expected and unrelated.
  • PR # 187 - Support deb822 format when adding extra PPAs
    • Reviewed. Waiting for PR # 186 to be merged.
  • LP: #2043194
    • Investigated why the created account cannot be used to login. It appears this is not a bug in ubuntu-image.
  • PR # 186 - Support generating Deb822 sources list
    • In review. Some discussions about the UX to migrate between formats.
  • Bug grooming
  • Drafted PR # 188 - Improve the manual “execute” customization
    • WIP
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US holiday on Monday


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  • try build .NET 8 bootstraping SDK for s390x
  • attended .NET Security Partners meeting
  • refactoring autopkgtest


  • proposed-migration libapache2-mod-python/ vs python 3.12 (LP: #2054133)
  • unzip Merge Proposal; fixes:
    • LP: #138307 unzip manpage does not document -O and -I option
    • LP: #1429939 zipinfo crashes without arguments
    • LP: #2054670 troff: warning: cannot select font ‘C’ when viewing man page
    • LP: #2023994 unzip has no autopkgtests
      • Observed weird autopkgtest behaviour: The i386 test tried to pull amd64 versions of a test dependency.
  • inetutils merge 2:2.5-3 from debian unstable (LP: #2054684)


  • travel paperwork
  • 360 preparations
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  • Testing and merges for 22.04.4
  • Fixed detection of netplan on mantic and noble.
  • More experiments with nvme-stas in the initramfs
  • Drafted changes to query the recovery key for core boot classic.
  • Spec work


  • Fixed python-oauth2client FTBFS against python3.12 (thanks @enr0n for sponsoring!)
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  • Respond and fix things up for +1 reviews
  • Merged fontconfig


  • Working with CPC team to design solution for LP: #2054103
  • Working on implementing netboot testing in ubuntu-boot-test
  • Preparing pre-FF feature/bugfix upload for GRUB 2.12
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  • We hit a regression with u-boot 2024.01 a fix is available in LP: #2054091. Sponsoring needed.


  • Architecture riscv64 is added in LP: #1946485. Sponsoring needed.


  • ghdl fails to build from source due to not specifying the required LLVM and clang versions. LP #2047298 needs sponsoring.

Fixing NBS

Ubuntu 22.04.4

  • RISC-V images tested


  • Several applications reviewed.
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  • Update Go 1.20.14, 1.21.7, 1.22.0
    • Snap builds are failing on armhf, due to one test failed with permission error.
    • 1.22.0 deb package and snap for FIPS support haven’t been uploaded yet.
  • Change golang-defaults to 1.22 in Debian experimental. Still waiting autopkgtest results before uploading it to unstable and then sync to noble.
  • Attend a Go and FIPS meeting with upstream maintainer.
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  • Reviewed some SQLite bits for the QA team, and some more bits
  • Investigated the failed build of sagemath (LP: #2040059); horrid solution pending upload
  • Released pemmican 1.0.1, the power monitoring daemon for Pi 5 (docs, pypi, ppa); pending review for the archive (LP: #2054344)
  • Fixed up flash-kernel for allwinner boards to unbreak jammy (24.04.4) builds (LP: #2054304)
  • Reviewed and sponsored more flash-kernel patches for noble (LP: #2048864, LP: #2051960, LP: #2054556)
  • Lent a hand debugging the horror in update-motd’s DEP-8 tests (LP: #2054369)
  • Merge of lvm2; now ready for review (LP: #2054683)
  • Opened MIR for nbd-client (LP: #2054480)
  • Pi meetings
  • Take home tests and interviews
  • ISO testing for jammy’s 22.04.4 release
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armhf time_t


  • Working on more-integrated and more-opinionated automation for packaging on top of sbuild, git-ubuntu, ppa-dev-tools with a strong focus on requiring less brain-time (possibly at the cost of CPU time)
  • Working on prettier and denser output for ppa-dev-tools-wait; could look like the following:
    :hourglass:amd64 :white_check_mark:i386 :x:riscv64 :white_check_mark:armhf :satellite:ppc64el :hourglass:arm64 :white_check_mark:s390x
  • Created next week’s status post: Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 2024/02/29
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Patch pilot

proposed migration

  • tzdata: retriggered failing golang-github-lib-pq/1.10.9-2 and then with migration-reference/0
  • python3-defaults:
    • pyflakes/2.5.0-1 failed. I retriggered the tests for pyflakes/3.1.0-1 which is in noble now and works with Python 3.12.
    • uploaded ansible 9.2.0+dfsg-0ubuntu4 a lot of failing test cases


  • Paperwork
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Holiday on Monday, slightly shorter week.


  • PR #1914 - Fix subiquity crash when editing a bond with a transmit hash policy
  • PR #1913 - (Minor) Updating comments about rationale for splitting up netplan config
  • PR #1912 - Merge #1911 to stable for 24.04.4 release
  • (WIP) PR #1899 - Enforce top level keys in autoinstall user data


  • Subiquity/ISO testing for 24.04.4 release
  • Proposed-migration (coreutils/9.4-2ubuntu3 vs linux-lowlatency): The tests were timing out and needed a couple of retries on arm64. This is potentially an autopkgtest issue but I didn’t get a chance for further debugging
  • Turns out ros-ros-comm isn’t blocking anything, so I unassigned LP: #2051585 from myself for now and provided my WIP patch
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  • netplan status --diff was merged PR#440
  • Continued the work on the support for parser flags and the option to ignore parser errors and finished the spec about this feature PR#412
  • Finishing the PR to support the special MAC address options for both Network Manager and networkd renderers PR#427
  • Investigating an issue in the support for SR-IOV VF LAG that might be related to this LP bug LP#1977851
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auto upgrade testing

  • Finish adding ubuntustudio, now working great, except the upgrade is broken :sweatsmile:


  • Catching-up with current status of crmsh and pycountry, and close everything, since both Debian and Ubuntu are now fixed


  • MP reviews
  • MP to ease the local development of the web UI
  • MP to add the display of running jobs in the package page (half of this)

Jammy .4 release

  • Tested Ubuntu base on s390x, arm64, armhf, and ppc64el


  • Fixed curtin-build job, was missing a dependency in the builder
  • Update some old jobs to more recent Ubuntu releases
  • Investigate and disable a flaky test



  • PR #189 - Lang. & formatting fixes in README, manpage
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