Patch Pilot Hand-off 24.04

  • qtwebengine-opensource-src LP: #2058066 already sponsored, unsubscribed ~ubuntu-sponsors
  • google-android-installers LP: #2056080 reviewed and sponsored
  • accountsservice LP :#2057710 already sponsored, unsubscribed ~ubuntu-sponsors
  • irqbalance LP: #2054872 already sponsored, unsubscribed ~ubuntu-sponsors
  • bamf MP 462686 reviewed and sponsored

I avoided going over the items that were SRUs, since they would likely just come up again in unapproved where I would have to excuse myself from a review there, had I sponsored them here.

  • LP: #2029924 – reviewed current state; new patch doesn’t quite fix things, but it’s broken in noble too – more work needed
    • Post-shift revision; it was just missing a runtime dep. Sponsored
  • LP: #2043448 – reviewed and sponsored with minor d/copyright change
  • LP: #1946521 – reviewed and sponsored
    • Also unlinked motion from “upstream project” Stop Motion Capture which is nothing to do with motion (it’s a motion detection system, not an animation project)
  • LP: #2052575 – reviewed, but the missing mantic upload looks like a blocker
  • LP: #2018449 – reviewed and sponsored with additional note on upstream PR
  • LP: #2048906 – reviewed and sponsored
  • LP: #2040059 – sponsored an incremental patch to get this migrating on mantic
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  • libcdio MP: MP reviewed and package upload sponsored.
  • lenovo-wwan-unlock LP bug - NEW package: unsubscribed ~ubuntu-sponsors. This is a MIR bug and it requires some work before being ready to upload.
  • black LP bug: This was sponsored already, but since there are tasks for other packages it stays in our report but nothing to sponsor.
  • cvise LP bug: Reviewed the proposed changes and they look good, but I was not able to sponsor the upload because of some issues in the archive. The next patch pilot can try to sponsor this one.
  • gvmd LP bug: Reviewed and sponsored the upload.
  • rocm-hipamd LP bug - NEW package: I had an issue when trying to build the package due to the archive changes happening right now. Someone could take a look at it again, maybe things get sorted out.
  • nauty MP: Marked it as disapprove since the proposed changes is already in noble-proposed, applied by the Debian maintainer.
  • libgnomeprint LP bug: This is an old bug and I do not know if someone is actively working on that. I unsubscribed ~ubuntu-sponsors since there is nothing to be sponsored AFAICS.
  • pnc LP bug: No change upload sponsored.
  • dublin-traceroute FTBFS fix
    • Provided further feedback on how to improve the patch.
  • fix for software-properties hadling of deb822 sources
    • Reviewed the MP, LGTM, but I requested moreinfo about the fix verification steps
    • Circled back here towards the end of my shift, the info I requested has been provided.
    • I merged the MP and sponsored the upload. Fix Committed, unsubscribed ubuntu-sponsors.
  • fix for chibi-scheme-images fails to install
    • found Debian bug
    • found Debian patch sitting in salsa (never uploaded), slightly better than the one proposed for an Ubuntu delta
    • asked to adopt that one
  • freerdp3: enable tests
    • gave my +1 on enabling tests
    • gave my -1 on making them a fake autopkgtest (see rationale inthe bug report)
  • please upgrade: lighttpd 1.4.75
    • this is basically a merge request
    • the user actually wants a specific bugfix they already identified; I pointed at possible ways forward
    • unsubscribed ubuntu-sponsors
  • Sync rocm-hipamd 5.7.1-3
    • The FFe got approved
    • I did a test rebuild to verify that the b-d installability issues mentioned in the bug are gone
    • Package synced, unsubscribed ubuntu-sponsors, Fix Released.

IRC communication: mostly about other issues, mainly help with autopkgtest runs.

  • dotnet6 LP: #2060259 reviewed and sponsored SRUs for Jammy and Mantic
  • dotnet7 LP: #2060260 reviewed and sponsored SRUs for Jammy and Mantic
  • dublin-traceroute LP: #2060658 sponsored based on the green light from @paride

I could only dedicate a limited amount of time for my shift this week.

ftbfs issues for noble: