Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 2024/03/28

  • time_t
    • participate in the mass time_t triage review. ~67 packages analyzed along with their test regressions, or so the IRC logs would have me believe. Many tests queued, 15 bugs imported or filed.
    • pygame-sdl2 - cython3 to cython3-legacy, uploaded and forwarded
    • jgmenu - sync package for bugfixes-only including armhf build failure
    • rapid-photo-downloader - Update build dependency from libgphoto2-6 to libgphoto2-6t64
    • xbase64 - fix dpkg-gensymbols invocation for t64
    • telepathy-mission-control-5 - fix installdocs invocation causing both t64 and non version of libmission-control-plugins0 to be a dependency, thanks @juliank for teaching why my previous fix attempt was not quite correct
    • unity-gtk-module - fix explicit build-dep on libgtk-3-0
    • wiipdf - fix explicit dependency requiring both t64 and non versions of libcwiid1
  • subiquity
  • mini-iso-tools
    • PR: #18 - fix dhcpcd dependency to dhcpcd-base, thanks @doko for reporting
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  • PR # 200 - Overall code quality improvement driven by TIOBE
    • Refactoring many functions, mainly to reduce cyclomatic complexity.
    • In review
  • Add TICS analysis in GitHub CI (several PR, because it is running when merging in main)
    • Almost done, waiting for Mikel to check on persmissions to upload the report to the TICS Viewer
  • LP: #2058629
    • Investigation still in progress.


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  • hiring
  • pulse planning + epic status updates
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Short week, OOO last week


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Sorry, no links this time.

  • time_t:

    • Fixed interimap packing of timeval (and then fixed the fix)
    • Looked into faketime vs bash
    • I didn’t track the number of packages I handled during the mass “proposed review” we did on Wednesday
  • glibc:

    • prepared an upload
    • investigated an FTBFS related to _FORTIFY_SOURCE
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  • Patch piloting on Monday
  • Looked at some of the universe FTBFS
  • Fixed up cairo-dock-plug-ins which just needed a move to setuptools
  • Lent a hand with incus migration, which turned out to be blocked by a time_t issue in cowsql (LP: #2059123)
  • Sponsored another fix for the sagemath SRU in mantic (LP: #2040059)
  • Sponsored a fix for python-qrencode in jammy (LP: #2056361)
  • Sponsored a fix for pure-ftpd in focal (LP: #1876597)
  • Reviewed lcm merge request
  • Spent some time on the time_t transition efforts
  • Worked on lg-gpio packaging for Ubuntu and PyPI (attempting to square the circle of a dynamic build for the former and a static for the latter)
  • Worked on linux-firmware-raspi (still!)
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subiquity / curtin

  • renamed backup ubuntu.sources to avoid warning when running apt update after installation
  • ensured the temporary unattended-upgrade configuration file we use during installation does not end up on the target system
  • opened MP to add nvme-cli and nvme-stas to Ubuntu Server pool to make NVMe/TCP installs in a local network without Internet possible.
  • opened PR to prevent Subiquity from suggesting to resize a partition that is used in the live installer environment: Bug #2059389 “Subiquity suggests a resize of already mounted (lo...” : Bugs : subiquity
  • dropped grub2 workaround that caused failed installations at the end of February
  • some more fixes related to running Subquity on noble / core24.


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armhf Y2038 support (a.k.a armhf 64-bit time_t)

  • Click-click-click on test retries, trying to be mindful of the test queues (not overloading, nor letting them empty), which I guess was useful useful this week
  • Reporting issues with test runners and following their status (thanks a lot to @hyask, @andersson123 and @juliank)
  • Took part in the archive unstucking; in particular but not limited to:
    • forensics-extra-* which testsuite is only to install all its depends (and recommends?), which is useful for the packager but probably a terrible test at the distribution level: a single issue with Qt and linssid became an opaque error for zlib
    • report-tracker4/5 for which one test fails and which has blocked dozens of perl packages but the use of all-proposed on all arches makes it difficult to track: Test failures in noble-proposed (all-proposed)
    • follow-up for the removal of some R packages which are marked as not supporting 32-bit arches anymore: triggered migration-reference/0 test in order to make the revdep test non-regressions
    • overall, many test retries which have been made much easier by my rewritten excuse page
  • Discussion with Helmut about the details of abi-compliance-checker analysis and its output

Life besides armhf

  • There is no such thing




  • The package has been released with Milk-V Mars support to the archive.
  • I have sent the patches for Milk-V Mars support upstream. Some rework is left to do.


  • I am investigating what changes we want for RISC-V support. Some first patches by our OpenStack team are in review.


  • Reviewing several Greenhouse submissions.
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  • Helped with a bunch of packages stuck in -proposed related with the time_t transition
  • Investigated issues with slurm-wlm on armhf (LP: #2059131)


  • Worked on a workaround for an issue affecting network manager related to the lack of support for DoT on Netplan (PR#447) (LP#2055148)
  • Worked on a distro patch for the issue above and shipped it to Debian (MR#13)
  • Submitted the new preinst maintainer script for to Debian (MR#12)
  • Investigating how to integrate a fuzzer in our CI
  • Working on a spec about supporting Mellanox Scalable Functions in Netplan
  • Investigating a bug supposedly related to upgrade to Noble. Waiting for more info as I can’t reproduce it. (LP#2059415)
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Some attempts to help with time_t

  • gvmd proposed migration
  • gdmb proposed migration


  • ubuntu-boot-test #2 final touches
  • shim-to-shim chain-loading evaluation
    • looking at both old and new shim design
    • proving more complex then expected
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  • Worked on the new .NET snap + installer tool:
    • Implemented non-zero exit code support with stderr error messaging through exception handling of install, update, remove, and list operations (PR #9)
  • Testing the s390x .NET build
  • Attended weekly .NET partners sync meeting


  • Worked on the time_t transition efforts
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  • Update Go snap fips track and golang-fips PPA for CVE-2024-1394.


  • Fix gopacket regression due to using internal __time_t type from glibc.
  • Retry and review time_t related autopkgtest regressions.
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  • got dotnet6, dotnet7, dotnet8 removed from the autopkgtest blacklist (thanks a lot @bdmurray )
  • verified SRUs LP: #2057699, #2057982
  • attended .NET security partners meeting


  • participate in the mass time_t triage review
  • babeltrace/1.5.11-3build2 vs ceph/18.2.0-0ubuntu7 proposed-migration
  • dh-make-golang (+1 follow up)
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  • Lot of monitoring/fixing loops on the infra to support the huge load of tests.
  • Requeuing and filtering tests in and out of the queue.
  • Investigating and fixing a cache-amqp issue
  • Lot of MP review, mostly for @andersson123
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  • time_t: the migration has landed! thanks to everyone for their help
  • landed fixes to livecd-rootfs to use the hwe-24.04 kernel flavor instead of trying to use the already-removed hwe-22.04 flavor
  • Raised a couple of livecd-rootfs MPs that I’m looking for review on


  • I opened PR #1954 - Which is about catching a common error where users pass autoinstall config in cloud-config directly and continuing to make error cases more obvious to users
  • I opened PR #1956 - Which is about standardizing the accepted autoinstall formatting. Directly relates to the above, as we want to encourage users to use the cloud-config delivery format everywhere to avoid that issue.
  • Follow up work to get PRs #1945, #1946, and #1947 from last week merged
  • Subiquity bug triage


  • I participated in the package analysis for time_t hinting. I didn’t think to count them like everyone else did! I should go back and do that.
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Short week: Monday was a public holiday


  • Investigated a build freeze on armhf. Thanks to @schopin , we seem to have gotten to its bottom.
  • Refactoring the FIPS openssl provider Java implementation to enable registration as a Java Cryptography extension.


  • participated in the team effort around time_t migrations (triage of ~15 packages)
  • retriggered a bunch of tests for fwupd vs others and zlib vs. others
  • found a FTBFS bug in nauty, also the reason for autopkgtest failures
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  • Lots of queue cleanup and fire fixing, particularly looking into amd64 throughput and killing forever looping tests
  • MP for hotfixing all noble tests to be all-proposed, then later reverting (it’s not merged or deployed yet)
  • Fixing logic in the worker code to disable retries
  • MP adding more fail strings to better recognise obscure test failures
  • testing a fix to the lxd metrics and the way they’re collected
  • made an MP with two scripts, pull-amqp and push-amqp, which should make it easier for us to move tests between queues or re-queue with new args
  • MP for adding a login button to the navbar of auc
  • MP for adding a user-specific page, per request of @schopin (nearly done, just needs review)
  • MP for fixing display of exit code 14 results, as alerted to us by @schopin


  • MP to change the cloning process of the repo in production - is now cloned by the ubuntu user and admins can do git stuff.
  • In the same MP, I fixed the charm itself. The charm branch hasn’t been updated in years and I made the charm building and deploying process a bit more up to date.


  • HR training
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  • PR #194: Review: Consolidated docs for contributors

Docs Starter Pack

  • PR #205: Hide notfound_template from epub builder
  • Issue #208: Investigation: Make conf. files linter-compliant
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