Patch Pilot Hand-off 24.04

  • qtwebengine-opensource-src LP: #2058066 already sponsored, unsubscribed ~ubuntu-sponsors
  • google-android-installers LP: #2056080 reviewed and sponsored
  • accountsservice LP :#2057710 already sponsored, unsubscribed ~ubuntu-sponsors
  • irqbalance LP: #2054872 already sponsored, unsubscribed ~ubuntu-sponsors
  • bamf MP 462686 reviewed and sponsored

I avoided going over the items that were SRUs, since they would likely just come up again in unapproved where I would have to excuse myself from a review there, had I sponsored them here.

  • LP: #2029924 – reviewed current state; new patch doesn’t quite fix things, but it’s broken in noble too – more work needed
    • Post-shift revision; it was just missing a runtime dep. Sponsored
  • LP: #2043448 – reviewed and sponsored with minor d/copyright change
  • LP: #1946521 – reviewed and sponsored
    • Also unlinked motion from “upstream project” Stop Motion Capture which is nothing to do with motion (it’s a motion detection system, not an animation project)
  • LP: #2052575 – reviewed, but the missing mantic upload looks like a blocker
  • LP: #2018449 – reviewed and sponsored with additional note on upstream PR
  • LP: #2048906 – reviewed and sponsored
  • LP: #2040059 – sponsored an incremental patch to get this migrating on mantic
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  • libcdio MP: MP reviewed and package upload sponsored.
  • lenovo-wwan-unlock LP bug - NEW package: unsubscribed ~ubuntu-sponsors. This is a MIR bug and it requires some work before being ready to upload.
  • black LP bug: This was sponsored already, but since there are tasks for other packages it stays in our report but nothing to sponsor.
  • cvise LP bug: Reviewed the proposed changes and they look good, but I was not able to sponsor the upload because of some issues in the archive. The next patch pilot can try to sponsor this one.
  • gvmd LP bug: Reviewed and sponsored the upload.
  • rocm-hipamd LP bug - NEW package: I had an issue when trying to build the package due to the archive changes happening right now. Someone could take a look at it again, maybe things get sorted out.
  • nauty MP: Marked it as disapprove since the proposed changes is already in noble-proposed, applied by the Debian maintainer.
  • libgnomeprint LP bug: This is an old bug and I do not know if someone is actively working on that. I unsubscribed ~ubuntu-sponsors since there is nothing to be sponsored AFAICS.
  • pnc LP bug: No change upload sponsored.
  • dublin-traceroute FTBFS fix
    • Provided further feedback on how to improve the patch.
  • fix for software-properties hadling of deb822 sources
    • Reviewed the MP, LGTM, but I requested moreinfo about the fix verification steps
    • Circled back here towards the end of my shift, the info I requested has been provided.
    • I merged the MP and sponsored the upload. Fix Committed, unsubscribed ubuntu-sponsors.
  • fix for chibi-scheme-images fails to install
    • found Debian bug
    • found Debian patch sitting in salsa (never uploaded), slightly better than the one proposed for an Ubuntu delta
    • asked to adopt that one
  • freerdp3: enable tests
    • gave my +1 on enabling tests
    • gave my -1 on making them a fake autopkgtest (see rationale inthe bug report)
  • please upgrade: lighttpd 1.4.75
    • this is basically a merge request
    • the user actually wants a specific bugfix they already identified; I pointed at possible ways forward
    • unsubscribed ubuntu-sponsors
  • Sync rocm-hipamd 5.7.1-3
    • The FFe got approved
    • I did a test rebuild to verify that the b-d installability issues mentioned in the bug are gone
    • Package synced, unsubscribed ubuntu-sponsors, Fix Released.

IRC communication: mostly about other issues, mainly help with autopkgtest runs.

  • dotnet6 LP: #2060259 reviewed and sponsored SRUs for Jammy and Mantic
  • dotnet7 LP: #2060260 reviewed and sponsored SRUs for Jammy and Mantic
  • dublin-traceroute LP: #2060658 sponsored based on the green light from @paride

I could only dedicate a limited amount of time for my shift this week.

ftbfs issues for noble:

  • guided a possible new contributor (javaJake) on how to prepare a mantic fix for LP: #2056442. He had originally filed LP: #2052961 for the same issue.
  • LP: #2060544: asked for a different solution in the MP
  • LP: #2060335: needed a no-change-rebuild, but noble-proposed already has a new version synced and the arm64 DEP8 test which was failing (and prompted the bug) is now passing. I closed the bug with “fix committed” (as the upload is only in noble-proposed for now).
  • LP: #2060692: unsubscribed sponsors, as there is an upload in noble-proposed already claiming to fix the bug. There is also a comment in the bug saying that a patch is still missing. In any case, nothing to sponsor.
  • LP: #2060848: I added a mantic task as the problem also happens there, suggested to amend the DEP3 header, but the key thing is that this fix might not be enough, because it crashes when given a file to minify. I added these remarks and marked the bug as incomplete.
  • LP: #2060967: noble-only rsync crash. MP not up for review yet. I just added a comment to the bug asking to perhaps add a simple DEP8 smoke test, as I was very surprised that all the tests this package has did not catch this bug.
  • LP: #2052575 – reviewed and sponsored packages from PPA for noble, mantic & jammy
  • LP: #2054477 – reviewed and sponsored ogre-next portion; unsure if FFe granted for ignition-cmake so left that part
  • LP: #2058917 – reviewed and sponsored for noble
  • LP: #1976312 – reviewed and sponsored for jammy
  • LP: #1970521 – reviewed and sponsored for jammy
  • LP: #2009885 – reviewed and sponsored (with minor tweaks) for jammy
  • LP: #2058914 – left pending FFe sign-off
  • LP: #2060212 – reviewed and sponsored for noble
  • LP: #2045034 – reviewed and sponsored (with small change to SRU test plan) for jammy
  • LP: #2009694 – reviewed, targetted and sponsored; may need changes to mantic & jammy patches for SRU

It’s Noble release week, the archive is frozen, so I spent lots of time on ISO testing, instead.

But I also cleaned up the sponsorship queue a bit:

I did not sponsor any upload, but I reviewed and added comments to the bugs and MPs below:

  • lvm2 MP adding autopkgtest: I pinged the Debian maintainer to provide feedback on the salsa MR. Scott also need to change the target to the next development release (OO series) or make it a SRU.
  • e2fsprogs bug fix: The debdiffs there look good, but the Noble one requies a rebase, there is a new version in the archive. I preferred to let one sponsor upload everything at once.
  • thermald SRU: The debdiff looks good, I asked for some DEP-3 headers before sponsoring the upload.
  • sosreport release update: It was not clear to me if the debdiffs can be sponsored right now. I asked the packager to state so and subscribe ~ubuntu-sponsors if that is the case.
  • ppa-purge bug: Apparently there is nothing to be sponsored there, I unsubscribed ~ubuntu-sponsors.
  • lenovo-wwan-unlock NEW package: I made an initial review of the package and asked for some clarification. The package is not ready for the archive. I unsubscribed ~ubuntu-sponsors and asked the packager to subscribe it again once my comments are addressed.

We’re in between cycles, as Oracular development is not open yet. Posting today’s report here, waiting for @kewisch to close this hands-off post and open a one for 24.10.

I did this rotation together with @mirespace. Given that Oracular is not open for development, we mostly looked at bugs already fixed in Noble, and for which a SRU is needed for older releases.

  • continued reviewing the crun PR to fix LP: #2056442 for mantic. That was already released for jammy, and mantic was deemed unecessary, but this contributer came along willing to fix it.
  • dpkg PR was already merged, updated metadata to say so.
  • ppa-purge PR fixing LP: #2060544. Previously I had suggested to switch to sed, which was done, and now I just added a couple of questions I still have.
  • sosreport update LP: #2054395: pushed to a branch, and noticed changes to d/copyright that my non-lawyer senses were a bit unconfortable with, so I asked about them.
  • LP: #2055114 fail2ban fails to start in noble. Debian fixed it via a new upstream release, which is already in oracular-proposed, but noble still needs a fix. The bug has a rough patch attached, but now needs to become a proper SRU, and that part is missing.