Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 2024/05/02

Previous status: Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 2024/04/25
Next status: Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 2024/05/09

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  • EFI boot manager in upstream U-Boot does not load device-tree. Patches sent upstream.

Vendor specific image

  • package vendor firmware and create a vendor specific image.


  • review submissions
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Short week due to a public holiday and half a day OOO.


  • Setup TICS analysis in CI
    • More tweaking to improve report accuracy


  • PR # 170 - Bundle e2fsprogs and associated configuration with ubuntu-image
    • Reworked to avoid degrading build time.
    • In review.
  • PR # 220 - Update image definition example in the documentation
    • Done and merged
  • Providing assistance on LP # 2064121 (and fixing it)
  • PR # 181 - Replace debootstrap with mmdebstrap
    • Comparing output. Differences are negligible.
    • In review.
  • PR # 221 - Update snapd dependency version and add git as stage-package
    • Done and merged
  • PR # 222 - Run spread tests on noble too
    • WIP
  • PR # 223 - Migrate to core24
    • WIP
  • Backlog grooming


  • 24.10 Roadmap preparation
  • TIOBE/TICS presentation preparation
  • Spec writing workshop
  • Harden GH project configuration on ubuntu-image/imagecraft, following the requirements to use our self-hosted GH runners.
  • Review netplan team plan to improve TIOBE metrics score.
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  • 24.10 planning
  • Engineering Sprint planning
  • Investigating what is left to do to make “ubuntu-bug subiquity” Just Work :tm:
  • A good amount of code review
  • Opened PR #1985 - Fix for the desktop netboot issue (LP: #2062988)
  • Continuing some work on PR #1901 to have better tools for users to pre-validate their autoinstall config
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  • Archive opening


  • out tomorrow morning for medical appointments
  • traveling Saturday to Madrid for sprints
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  • I’ve drafted UEFI NX support in Ubuntu spec
  • Been working on implementing and testing NX support in GRUB
    • Ported Fedora 39 memory management NX changes
    • Implemented initial NX support in peimage loader
    • Discussion with upstream about legacy kernel loader (ruled out)
    • Upstream GRUB to only support NX via shim loader protocol
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  • Created a bootstrap package for .NET 8 on ppc64el Noble (PPA).
    • Built 2nd stage .NET 8 pointing to bootstrap PPA (PPA)
    • Gathered current state of autopkgtests on ppc64el. Identified errors to be investigated.
    • Will need to rebuild these packages targeting Oracular, since these builds will go into devel first before backporting to Noble.
  • Exchanged emails with Snap Store administrators regarding the transfer of existing .NET snaps to Canonical. Transfers have finalized, so dotnet-sdk and dotnet-runtime-* are now Canonical owned.
  • Started investigative work on how Snapcraft plugins work and how to modify the .NET plugin to include features to be worked on during the 24.10 cycle.
  • Worked on refining the roadmap for the 24.10 cycle by adjusting sizing, priority, and description of items.
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Short week due to the Labor Day public holiday (05/01)



  • Adoptium Workgroup meeting
  • Discussions regarding TCK on riscv64 with the Adoptium members
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Shorter week (1 day off)


  • started work on making the server installer/text installer use the storage v2 API
    • drafted PR 1987 to forward user-errors to the client (will be useful for Ubuntu Server & Ubuntu Desktop) rather than making the server create a crash report.
    • started replacing client side code with calls to /v2/
  • merged PR 1944 to get UI work with urwid from noble/core24
  • fixed restricted probe producing wrong config when NVMe devices are present
  • opened PR 1980 to prevent a crash during refresh. Needs to be reworked.
  • roadmap planning


  • opened PR 144 to try to address problems when the /sys/class/block//size file can not be accessed.
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  • finishing up Ubuntu Packaging Guide articles
  • planning for Engineering Sprint

(was out on Wednesday, because of public holiday)

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  • Merged the changes to make it possible to ignore bad configuration PR#412
  • Investigation of what we’ll need to do to improve code quality next cycle
  • Currently working bug fixes and improvements for netplan status --diff.
  • Worked on my unofficial libnetplan bindings for Rust and a rust-based netplancli
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  • Opening up our infrastructure for oracular tests - and testing
  • Investigating various fires and flat queues
  • Updating and deploying charms
  • Finishing up work on an MP that’d allow admins to kill tests from the webpage
  • Some MP review for Skia
  • Rebuilding oracular images after they were broken
  • Testing bos03-ppc64el in staging
  • Fixing issues with cache-amqp (the service that populates queues.json)
  • Many requests with IS - flavor creation, proxy and firewall MP’s, etc
  • Set up a meeting in Madrid with IS to discuss centralised logging for autopkgtest-cloud
  • Liaising with users of our API key feature for feature wishlist items

autopkgtest-cloud KPI - see here

  • We now have SMTP set up for our Grafana instance! Yippeeeeeeee
  • We now have alerting for when we lose our armhf remotes
  • We now have alerting for when the queues are flat, which comes with a new panel with the rate of change of the queue size per arch
  • We now also have a new panel which estimates the amount of time for the queues to get depleted - which may be of particular interest to @vorlon as he was asking for such estimates a few weeks ago.

iso testing

  • Reviewing MP’s for ubuntu-manual-tests and updating the iso tracker - this was mostly work for the calamares installer flavours


  • Finishing up an MP which brings the charm up to date - thanks for the review @hyask !
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This is my status for the past two weeks, but a lot of time went into the release sprint for Noble in London.


  • Carefully reactivating some workers on some releases for some arches to still get 3/4 of the infra processing noble jobs, but 1/4 still able to make progress on the rest. Now infra is back to normal, processing everything, even Oracular!
  • Discovered and opened a bug about the ‘upsteam’ jobs percentage rework: Bug #2062537 “Change the way upstream jobs percentage is done” : Bugs : Auto Package Testing
  • Rebuilt all armhf LXD remotes with our latest fixes
  • MP to basic_reject message on early return
  • Hardcode the list of releases that we test on armhf, since armhf will be killed and we don’t have a generic way of computing the required releases anymore: MP
  • Opened a PR towards’s autopkgtest page to update the point of contact and refresh some outdated information.
  • Discussed with @bluca about systemd upstream queue clean up and cancellation mechanism, to see how we could improve things on that front.


  • Worked on allowing finer control on upgrade paths: PR + MP

apt-clone vs distro-info

  • Hard to reproduce locally at first, especially with the very slow download of ubuntu-daily:noble LXD image.
    The end of it is apt-clone:tests/ checks for /etc/apt/sources.list being in a list of file not managed by dpkg. This file is not found on deb822 only systems, which is the case in some testbeds (only newly created ones).
    It could be good to add those tests to the build system to detect failures early.
    Uploaded 0.4.3+nmu2ubuntu2, thanks @enr0n for sponsoring!
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  • A nasty issue on the Pi desktop installer reared its head (LP: #2064208)
    • Spent much of the week chasing down workarounds (none reliable as it turned out)
    • Built and tested image with potential fix from LP: #2037015
    • Appears to work successfully on USB and NVMe drives; awaiting further verification
  • Prepping branch with new desktop test cases covering USB and NVMe boot
  • Writing up post-release … erm … post on Noble
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