Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 2024/02/08

Short week due to Lunisolar New Year.


  • Uploaded Rust 1.72 backports for Focal, Jammy and Mantic
  • Prepared Rust 1.74 versioned package for upload
  • Revised spec for Rust toolchain packaging (and also versioned package transition plan)
  • Currently fixing Rust 1.73 backport for Focal



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  • Working on power monitoring daemon for Pi 5 (GUI side complete; CLI side near done; docs and polish to do)
  • Investigated no sound cards on Pi 5 under server, again (LP: #2038924)
  • Gave the QA team some hints on SQLite handling, and concurrency/backup strategies
  • Started looking at OPTEE-* sponsorships, but didn’t finish (sorry, Laider! Will try again tonight) (LP: #2039036, LP: #2039037, LP: #2034650)
  • Pi meetings
  • Take home tests
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armhf time_t

  • finalized and uploaded new results on two separate dates
  • retried uninstallable packages with non-free enabled, halving the number of remaining uninstallable packages (some packages disappeared, some really can’t install, …)
  • many many analysis updates, including GCC which appears time_t-safe


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My week was a bit shorter as I had Monday off.


  • scrambled to get 2.39 uploaded on Friday night.
  • Looked into some more FTBFS
  • The usual autopkgtest retry shenanigans
  • Rerolled my apparmor patch upstream


  • versioned rustc-1.74 review and upload
  • looking into ansible blocking python 3.12, resulting in attempting to package latest ansible (see PPA)
  • some hiring
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  • More work on LP: #2049695 since previous fix did not fully solve the issue
    • PR # 183 - Prevent daemons from running when installing packages
      • In review
    • I kept investigating and I may have found the root cause and some possible solutions. I need some input from Steve and Michael to define the best way forward.
  • PR # 180 - Tune our spread test configuration to handle longer builds
    • merged
  • PR # 181 - Replace debootstrap with mmdebstrap
    • Some more work but now blocked waiting for core24 so we can use a recent version of mmdebstrap correctly handling usrmerge.
  • PR #184 - Spread tests on arm64 machines
    • WIP. I need to build the snap in the spread tests, which needs some setup (snapcraft, lxd).
  • PR #185 - Implement the rootfs creation mode in ubuntu-image
    • Implementation in progress, I am trying to figure out a clean way to do it.
  • Reviewed PR #179
    • Some rework and tests requested
  • Reviewed PR #182
    • “Approved”. Waiting for comments to be dealt with to merge it.


  • travel preparation for next sprint
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  • proposed-migration: libxml-libxml-perl vs libimage-info-perl - dependency list on libimage-info-perl was wrong, fix uploaded (Bug #2051970 “ADT failure if libxml-simple-perl chosen instead o...” : Bugs : libimage-info-perl package : Ubuntu), and forwarded to Debian. (debbug 1062527). The debian maintainer improved upon the fix and merged (thanks Gregor), so I synced libimage-info-perl.
  • merges
    • dpkg merge and upload, then did it again to fix the manpage part of the delta
    • also merged p11-kit, kiwi
  • subiquity
    • PR: 1902 - better handling of cloud-init status
    • PR: 1907 - add the capability flag for encrypted ZFS, and use it to trigger part of an encrypted install (cryptoswap)
    • investigating the ustriage script for improvements in subiquity bug triage, but I think I like the launchpad web search queries better
    • investigation on code coverage reporting and CI enforcement. Early data suggests Subiquity is around 60% coverage with unit tests.
  • curtin
    • MP: #460156 - fix the DEVLINK selected for cryptoswap devices
  • patch-pilot
  • ubuntu-maintainers-handbook
    • PR: #121 - fix typo
  • greenhouse
  • catch up on PR reviews
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Was off last week and then on sick leave for three days. Haven’t flully recovered yet.


  • Had opened PR 1895 before going on vacations. This is a rework of the SSH screen that allows to import multiple keys. Reworked to address comments.
  • Reworked and merged PR 1892 to show Ubuntu Pro screen on pre-LTS releases - with a warning message.
  • Merged PR 1891 replacing use of os.path with pathlib in the APT / mounter code.
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  • hiring
  • Booked flights
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  • Submitted an MP modifying a script to drop a reference to an unused application in the proposed-migration environment.
  • Submitted a firewall MP granting access to bos03 from the prod-proposed-migration environment.
  • Submitted an MP modifying the flavor which our create-test-instance script uses.
  • Submitted an MP which allows for the existence of multiple different ntework names i.e. per region and arch so that build-adt-image will work in bos03.
  • Worked with @andersson123 to add arm64 workers to bos03.
  • Added nteodosio and mitchdz to the team of people who can request autopackage tests.


  • Reopened an RT regarding archiving old images from the primary cdimage server.
  • Submitted an MP regarding changing the structure of the end of life checklist for the Ubuntu Release team.


  • Candidate interview.
  • Travel arrangements which consumed a surprising amount of time.
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  • Worked mainly on finishing up the netplan status --diff code PR#440
  • Working to finish the improvements in the SR-IOV handling PR#439
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Auto upgrade testing

  • Fixed bionic-focal upgrade hanging.

autopkgtest & autopkgtest-cloud infra

  • Some MP reviews, mostly for @andersson123.
  • Opened autopkgtest MR for running unshare testsuite on Ubuntu’s infra.
  • SRU preparation to backport autopkgtest/5.32ubuntu3 to Jammy and Mantic. Thanks @paride for all the explanations and tips!
    Also taking some time to test autopkgtest/5.32ubuntu3 on noble, especially cross-arch patches → I found that we need some documentation updates and clarification around that.
  • Fixed some Grafana graphs, related to that old MP that has now been close.



  • Travel arrangement
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  • Submitted the .NET snaps specification (FO-151) for review
  • Worked on refining the .NET snap PoC (FO-151)
    • Implemented the update mechanism
    • Investigating ways to point binaries to snap /usr/lib to satisfy shared library dependencies when running dotnet binary directly, instead of through snap dotnet app entry point
  • Attended weekly .NET partners sync meeting
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  • PR #441, Lang. & formatting fixes in API docs.


  • WIP: linting rules for vale
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  • finalizing, preparing & presenting .NET developer experience on Linux
  • Spike: building .NET 9 Preview1 & looking into consequences of added Node dependency
  • refactoring .NET autopkgtests
  • attended .NET Security Partners meeting

Ubuntu Packaging Guide


  • working on proposed migration libidn vs. gsasl
  • travel planning for engineering sprint
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TCK 17
All pending testcase failures fixed
Fixed tests needing infrastructure - Kerberos Server, FTP server, X11 server (consolidated all infra under a single canonistack VM).
TCK-21 material now accessible - thanks @samirkam
Submitted an MR to fix a bad patch

January 2024 Security
Worked on openjdk-8 uploads to mantic, jammy, focal and bionic (work in progress)
Did some rework on openjdk-11/17/21 to rectify a mistake due to a bad dpkg-buildpackage option (still under review with Security)


Summarized last week’s +1 work in this report.
Reworked the asterisk-espeak merge proposal (thanks to paride for the review)
factory-boy and glueviz merged (thanks ginngs)


Spanish visa paperwork

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  • shim update still waiting for review
  • GRUB 2.12 for ubuntu waiting for review (including fix for LP#2041245 grub 2.12 uses single recovery instead of recovery)
  • Tested solution for LP#2026310: UEFI boot entry named ‘ubuntu’ should be called ‘Ubuntu’ (not planned to be part of first ubuntu 2.12 upload)
  • Have been spending time on implementing ubuntu-boot-test netboot tests, and fixing bugs along the way
  • Attended arm remote workshop on embedded device boot security
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Slow week, some health issues.

  • Stabbed some more at the deb822 livecd-rootfs changes. We can now at least build layered images, but non-layered ones are WIP
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On +1 this week. Looking through transitions that have universe package blocking them. So far I’ve submitted a patch for 389-ds-base to fix an FTBFS on armhf issue that was the last holdout on the ICU transition.

Proposed migrations: Re-queued autopkgtests for mariadb using all-proposed to sucessfuly unblock libdbi-perl


Finished and merged PR #1897for AutoinstallError

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  • fixing armhf workers
  • fixing armhf metrics calculations
  • fixing changes to our html for the all-proposed preservation
  • deployment of all-proposed preservation and email to ubuntu-devel
  • MP for periodically backing up the sqlite database on disk
  • tryna fix bos01 when it was broken due to outage
  • routinary queue cleanup
  • working on migrating arm64 workers to bos03
  • testing my uuid integration mp
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