Yeonguk Choo | Membership Application

Dear Ubuntu Membership Committee,
I’m Yeonguk Choo.
I’d like to apply for Ubuntu Membership.


  • have signed CoC on Apr 1, 2023


irc: yeonguk on


Main - Event Organizer of Ubuntu Korea LoCo

Sub - l10n Team (Korean)

Future goal

I will try to expand Ubuntu not only in Seoul but also in other cities in Korea.
Additionally, I aim to contribute steadily to translations.

Thank you!


Yeonguk has been one of the most active member of Korean LoCo since early last year - Currently leading many event organizing in Busan area. He has been also building many connection with Korean LoCo and Local business or Local authority who might be interested in Ubuntu project and willing to support the community. which is helpful for organizing large scale events and project such as UbuCon - for a long term.

While he’s already doing his job very well. I’m also looking forward to what he’ll be doing next as one of Ubuntu Members


As the Ubuntu Community leader for South Korea, I can vouch for his passion and dedication.
His interest in Ubuntu has led him to organize numerous events in the Busan area of South Korea, which has energized our community as a whole.
Through his events, he is able to find people interested in Ubuntu in non-metropolitan areas, and through his efforts, many people have been introduced to Ubuntu and the benefits of open source software.
He acts as a mentor within the community, helping new users get up to speed. He also leads workshops and seminars on technical troubleshooting, helping participants improve their skills.
His leadership doesn’t stop at just organizing events. He is constantly sharing information, answering questions, and facilitating communication among community members through various online platforms. These activities strengthen the cohesion of the Ubuntu community and provide a foundation for all members to grow together.
Therefore, I am confident that he will continue to be involved in the Ubuntu community and positively impact many more people in the future. His passion and dedication are an inspiration to us all, and this will continue to drive the community’s development and growth.


Hello choo121600

Your application is looking good - please review:
and set your desired date/time to meet with the Membership Board.



I recommend Yeonguk Choo for his contribution in Korean LoCo.

In this year, @moon-js was elected to Korean LoCo Leader and
he hoped expand Ubuntu users and lovers all over the country.

@choo121600 have a lot of effort about this mission.
After joined our LoCo, he have shown lots of passion for Ubuntu and contributed lots of things.

Also He is leading events and sessions in Busan, this year. :slight_smile:

Without his efforts, It was more harder to organize Korean LoCo in past times I think.

As @sukso96100 said, I also wondering what he overperform after being Ubuntu Member.

I imagine that he will show his expertise more in ROS and Embedded(IoT) things.
And he already showed overperformance in Korean LoCo,
I think that he will lead the LoCo as the leader in the future.

I appreciated that Yeonguk joined our LoCo,
and recommend him for Ubuntu membership.


Since joining the Ubuntu Korea Community with me on April 29, 2023, Yeonguk has shown remarkable leadership and dedication within the Ubuntu Korea LoCo. He has actively participated in organizing significant events such as UbuCon Korea and has been instrumental in building relationships with local businesses. Furthermore, his contributions to the Korean translation team exemplify his commitment and expertise. As a colleague who joined at the same time and has had the privilege of observing his work, I can wholeheartedly attest to his passion and dedication.


Make Welcome
Yeonguk too was awarded Membership status by unanimous vote in today’s meeting.

Higly productive in the short time:
Keep up the good works:



Awesome news. What a brilliant result

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Thank you for your congratulations.
I have a question. Do I have to apply to enter the ubuntumembers group in discourse?
I am not in the Ubuntu Members group in discourse.
Is there a difference between the Ubuntu membership and the ubuntumembers group in discourse?


hoo121600 - Sorry

Here on Disourse I am but a user like you. I know little of the internals here. That question is best asks of an admin.



Ohh bro on the same boat…

You should be able to set a flair in your account preferences. If not, you’ll likely needed to be added to the ubuntumembers Discourse group. @aaronprisk or @ilvipero should be able to help with that