Ubuntu 23.10 Release Party + InstallFest in Busan is successfully completed!


I am pleased to announce that we successfully completed the Ubuntu 23.10 Release Party + InstallFest for Ubuntu users in Busan on November 18th.

To join this program, 24 people registered to attend and 17 people checked in at the venue.


@sigmadream provided guidance on new features in Ubuntu 23.10. Additionally, while installing Ubuntu 23.10 on a laptop, He introduced several aspects related to the installation process.

new features in Ubuntu 23.10

@mscho7969 introduced Multipass, a tool that facilitates the easy setup of cloud-style Ubuntu VM. He provided guidance on precautions to take when using Multipass.

introduced Multipass

@choo121600 introduced security improvements in Ubuntu 23.10 with hands-on sessions focused on introducing unprivileged_userns_restriction.

introduced security improvements

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this event.


I would like to thank all the participants from Busan and those who have been here from afar. Furthermore, I would like to thank the OpenUP of the Korea IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) for its valuable support.