UbuCon Korea 2023 was a huge success with 151 check-ins!

UbuCon Korea 2023 which was held 2023-09-09T01:00:00Z was huge success with a lot of participants that we haven’t expected.

With the theme “Ubuntu for Developer productivity”, the program for event this year consisted with 11 talks, 3 workshops and 4 lightning talks resulting in total 18 sessions. To join this program, 165 people registered to attend and 151 people checked-in at the venue.

Our program featured Keynote “Welcome to UbuCon Korea, Welcome to Opensource!” by Yangsoo Yoon and Michael Jaeger, Workshop “Connecting my Ubuntu dev environment with GitHub Actions” by Dongha Park, “Web security open source software, Modsecurity’s going down and Coraza’s coming up.” talk by Gwangyoung Kim and Hocheol Shin, “Lightweight container with .Net and Ubuntu” talk by Jungwoo Kim, “The Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) - Run your Linux workflows right on Windows!” talk by Craig Loewen, and other more diverse programs such as OpenPGP Keysigning party.

We’ve also put many efforts on little details of the event. Fingerfood catering, Kiosks system for fast check-in and badge printing, Swags such as t-shirts and stickers, Live streaming was also provided. Please give big hand to our 10 organizers and 7 volunteers this year. Without them it would be difficult to prepare and run the event smoothly.

As UbuCon Korea runs on non-profit basis, It would be difficult to make the event happen without any help from our sponsors! Big thanks to our sponsors again for joinging us to make things happen.

  • Canonical, the publisher of Ubuntu, is a Diamond Sponsor again this year!
  • Microsoft Korea, the Korean branch of Microsoft, sponsored venue for this year’s event!
  • OSC Korea a company provided cloud native transformation with cloud native optimized micro service architecture, DevOps and CI/CD consulting - joined us as Gold sponsor this year
  • Silver sponsor Cloudmate, has been already sponsored UbuCon Asia and UbuCon Korea for three consecutive years, is a company recently became a CNCF Silver Member, and provides a range of services for cloud native adoption.
  • Also thanks to our sponsors such as Bronze Sponsor GroMetric, media partners Event-us (sponsored event advertising plan) and Hanbit Media (sponsoring books), and OpenUP from the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA), which actively supports various open source communities in Korea.


This is Beautiful.
Good job there.


Excellent teamwork. Congratulations :+1:


Nice job!,

:clap: :clap: :clap:


Congratulations to Ubuntu-KR loco team for the successful event! :clap: :clap: :clap:


Congratulations :tada::clap:
Ubuntu KR is best community and most active local community of the year :tada::clap:


I just published video for interview with participants, organizers and sponsors. It’s all in Korean, So won’t be able to to know what people says a lot, but will be able to feel how the event was going (hopefully). We plan to put some subs later, until then you may tru YouTube auto sub (hopefully this also work well too)


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Thanks for the video! I’m very happy to see all these peoples

Waiting for the subtites to really understand everything.
Youtube automatic translation in Italian is pretty fine. Execpt for some sentences, as I’m sure you don’t have “married women’s offices” to talk about, as youtube translates in Italian :joy:

P.S. I really love to hear the korean language :slightly_smiling_face:

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Korean sub is now up :slight_smile: Try out auto translating from Korean sub again. Should look better now.

Yes, also the automatic translation is better. Thank you very much for sharing this video!

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We now also got short summary video published on YouTube!

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Absolutely nice ,Kudos to Ubuntu KR :+1: