Ubuntu Jams Day & Annual General Meeting is successfully completed!

I’m pleased to announce that we successfully completed the Ubuntu Jams Day for Ubuntu users in Korea!!


Annual general meeting

At the regular general meeting, agenda reports/decisions such as last year’s activity report, this year’s activity plan, last year’s financial statements, and this year’s budget approval were carried out.

Translation Jam

As the manager of the translation team, @hothead-jung guided how to contribute to the Ubuntu translation and gave participants the experience of suggesting translations on the Ubuntu package of interest. Through this event, active participation among contributors was encouraged to increase the diversity and quality of translation efforts.

Testing Jam

Looking forward to the release of the LTS version of Ubuntu 24.04, we held our first Testing Jam event. Through @sukso96100 's guidance, we were able to experience the process of testing Ubuntu 24.04 and actively submitting any issues we found as bug reports. This experience was invaluable in ensuring the quality before the official release.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this event.

I would like to thank all the participants. Furthermore, I would like to thank the Elice Inc for its valuable support.