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Looks good. “U” should be little smaller. But I think we can have only one type of logo.


Olá. Eu não domino o idioma utilizado neste fórum, mas independente do que seja, ando acompanhando o desenvolvimento faz algum tempo. Disso, depois de quebrar bastante a cabeça pensando em uma solução para o problema, apresento a vocês a proposta que eu elaborei:

Nessa primeira imagem está o logotipo normal utilizando o fundo preto:

Enquanto na segunda, ele é apresentado com as cores invertidas:

Nessa imagem, temos a versão original do papel de parede que eu criei, tendo como acompanhante da logomarca, as logos das interfaces gráficas utilizadas nos sabores do Ubuntu em espírito de unidade e união, o que justamente representa a família Ubuntu e a filosofia do Unity:

Aqui temos a versão derivada do papel de parede original, acompanhada de ícones representando a produtividade e a utilização do sistema em vários ambientes, partindo da multimídia até o banco de dados:

E por último, temos o logotipo completo com a nomenclatura do remix, acompanhado do fundo gradiente:

Eu estou aberto a todos os feedbacks que colocarem aqui, que possam ajudar a dar um up no desenvolvimento do remix, para que num futuro próximo, possa se tornar um integrante oficial da família Ubuntu.


Thanks to uncle Google, I understood what you wrote. Good luck!
Graças ao tio Google, entendi o que você escreveu. Boa sorte!

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Hello everyone.

In the meantime, I decided to produce two new wallpapers for the remix / flavor, being:

Wallpaper with the official Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa mascot:

Wallpaper created for the special series of Ubuntu 20.x versions:

Promotional wallpaper for the new remix / flavor in the Ubuntu family:

I am open to all feedback about.


I like the third wallpaper. It’s original and interesting. The 2nd is too dark and the degraded is weird. The first one could be better. Text, icons looks unnecessary and the fossa drawing is too low quality.

Thanks for the feedback @JerareYoshi.

Based on it, I sought the solution to the problem that arose when I produced the first two wallpapers. As a result of this intense search and after several attempts, here I present:

Ubuntu Unity Remix 20.04 Focal Fossa wallpaper:

Black background version:

Gradient version:

Ubuntu Unity Remix 20.x Series Wallpaper:

Any errors you find, just let me know here that I will be correcting. :slight_smile:


Hello everyone. Today I would like to introduce you to a set of icons and white, black and gradient tail variants for the main Unity launcher. By accessing the link, you will be able to download and test each one of them with other wallpapers and other themes, in order to evaluate the visual aspect of the remix / flavor:

Access Link: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=145iY53m0kG1xC2nxsdNLmjzvr6m0qwFB


wow this is beautiful I loved it


Could you please make also versions without the whirlwind?

Hello @Bestia, thanks for the feedback.

Based on it, I produced the versions without the swirl, they are in the same folder as the link above that I left:


Really nice!! :slight_smile: Should look appealing to most users!

Things are sort of unclear here-which logo are we using? It seems like people perfer @Alera. Is this what we are doing? If we need we can also colorize the images.

So @itzswirlz, more than a year has passed since @dale-f-beaudoin and @Wimpress asked for feedback on how to solve the problem of the logo issue that Unity would adopt, and the proposals presented by what I could read in the history, did not have a very good acceptance. So, I decided to take on the task of creating the identity that the remix / flavor needed, in order to fill the important gap that was missing in development. I am always open to suggestions and how I can improve on this issue in order to face this whole process.

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I don’t understand the meaning of the symbol… and sorry, but I really don’t like it (why exagons? Why are there circles around the exagons? Why those three lines? Why the thickness of each line is different?). Have you designed some alternatives to show us before we go for this one?

When creating the logo, I decided to make a pattern break, something that was like: a space of the hard disk (circle) to fit what is in line with productivity and speed (hexagon), where everything is in motion and working.

The 3 lines have a compound meaning: they represent the movement / functioning of the system, as if it were connected. Each line has a different thickness to represent the flow of this movement and at the same time represents stability, the basis on which the whole system works (a direct reference to the stability, productivity and speed of Unity itself).

I developed this solution to give identity to the official flavor, since the original logo and the proposals that were presented 2 years ago were not very well accepted here.

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@Alera Thank you for your replies. Please don’t be mad at me, I really respect your work… (and I know doing something is actually more difficult than criticizing it) but I’m still not convinced this logo represents unity and its identity. In addition, I think it’s a bit heavy and too similar to other ubuntu flavours logos (take ubuntu Mate in example). I really would like to see something connected with the history of Unity. In fact there are visual elements that are deeply connected with unity identity. In example, the “swirl” icon that was used in the vertical dock was unique, why don’t work around that concept?

Well, I applied this formula to the orb used to be the DE launcher icon in flavor, the variants are these:

If you all want to, I can use what I created as part of the flavor identity badge on the wallpapers and artwork that are produced.

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This is a draft of a possible alternative. I redesigned the original unity logo, to incorporate the squircle element that was a distinctive feature of unity iconography, something that could really set apart this flavour from others.

It doesn’t mess around with ubuntu “circle of friends” logo, but it’s still identifiable with ubuntu. And it could be used as an emblem for the full logotype:

Please let me know what do you think


The icon was well designed, but the problem is the issue of recognition: many users do not know the logo by which Unity was represented, and for users who have migrated to other distros and want to return to Ubuntu, the Unity logo would not show the message that he is Ubuntu Unity, precisely because of that I created this logo from scratch that you saw, to fulfill precisely this role, to indicate that Ubuntu Unity is there.

I don’t think that a variant of the “circle of friends” is really necessary to connect the flavour to its ubuntu roots. I mean… the U in the official unity logo and the purple color are very distinctive of ubuntu, and when you use it with the full logotype there are simply no doubts. Of course we can do other iterations of this design: I can provide SVGs if you want to try out something. I simply don’t like that much those exagons coupled with the three lines. They simply don’t look like “unity” in any way. But please, don’t be mad at me, I really love your wallpapers and the other artwork you did… :stuck_out_tongue: