Focal Fossa - Mascot & Wallpapers

I’ve added a new tarball to the opening post that includes Plain wallpapers and Mascot wallpaper :+1:


Focal Fossa_white_RGB.svg file blank

It’s not blank it’s just white, so it doesn’t “show” when viewed against a white background.

Sure, it is white, but blank, as there’s no fossa in it.

There is.


The Ubuntu Unity Remix version is ready:

In this link , there is also a special version commemorating the Ubuntu 20.x series and in this other link, the third wallpaper is a meeting of the flavors of the system with Unity.

(Note: The first two wallpapers were fixed because I had problems to develop at first, but later managed to resolve them in time.)


A friend asked me to do a variation for her, so I decided to post it here for those with similar taste.

Felicity (Focal Fossa) Wallpapers variations.



Here’s my take on it.


I love that you’re all posting your variations on the wallpaper. Please do keep them coming!


Wauw, this one is gorgious! Well done!


Fossa’s head is hung on the wall, or put on a stand. A taxidermist at work.

Thanks for the kind words! :+1::smiley:

It’s definitely levitating :joy:

Lovely with Unity Fossa. Thanks!

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After I developed the icon proposals for the main Unity launcher (Link Here), I decided to create a Dark Mode version for the remix wallpaper:

I left the mascot a little smaller, so that it is fully visible on the black background.


Push the mascot more to a corner, so it won’t look like a stuffed one. :slight_smile:

No caso, você prefere que eu o coloque mais a direita ou mais a esquerda?

(Sorry to be speaking in my language, it turns out that the entire sentence itself is less than 20 characters long, which does not make sending possible.)

To the right bottom corner, so fossa is looking slightly upward.
No canto inferior direito, a fossa está olhando um pouco para cima. (Uncle Google translating. :slight_smile: )

I was thinking: Focal… being focussed.

Kindest, Achara.

Based on your feedback, I modified the requested part:

Any errors, let me know that I will be correcting.

Obrigado. :grin: