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Cannonical created Unity, so I am not at all certain that Cannonical would let Unity die in a hurry. And, for the last 6 years or so, Ubuntu was Unity, not anything else, so the majority of Ubuntu users (not the few, who come here or to forums or to some Ubuntu related sites) still would be expecting same old Ubuntu as they were used for last 6 years. They may not even know that Ubuntu changed its main DE few months ago. For them, Uubuntu would be OK with Unity inside. A remix would be bit strange for them. Anyway, have a look here, do you see any other desktop there, other than the “original” Ubuntu? Check any page under “Desktop.”

We can use “Ubuntu Unity 7 Desktop Experience” or “ubuntu-unity”. If you are proposing an artwork then Unity 7 or Unity 7 DE or even ubuntu-unity . The logo/trademark has to be bang on ie; “Circle of Friends” and not be distorted or modified in any way so if you are creating or suggesting a design for a logo it would be appreciated that you build it tightly to resemble the ubuntu logo/trademarks as much as possible.


Hi @dale-f-beaudoin,

Not a big deal, but I’m not sure why you directed the above response to my previous post.

In my previous post, I was explaining to @chanath why a name such as “Uubuntu” (which @chanath proposed) probably wouldn’t be permitted by Canonical, at least according to a post by @popey. That is, I did not suggest any name to use in this thread.

Actually, yes, in other posts in this thread, I did submit three potential logos for consideration. Of the three logos that I submitted, I prefer my first two, namely the logos that include the full Ubuntu logo, combined with the Unity “U” within. (See post #13 above.) And I proposed another alternative in post #16.

Asking about the first two logos that I proposed, @meetdilip asked:

QUESTION: Do you feel that Canonical would find either of the two logos that I submitted in post #13 acceptable, from a trademark perspective, for use by this project? (NOTE: I’m not asking whether you or Canonical like either of the logos, but just whether Canonical would find either of them to be acceptable, from a trademark perspective.)

Just to reiterate:

I had already proposed that name in another forum some while back (Uubuntu). @jbicha pointed out that people may be confused by how it sounds, how it is spelled and I agreed with him. I do not know why @chanath brought it back up.

Yes they are both acceptable because CoF logo is clear and distinct and it is granted that the “U” and “Unity” refer to Ubuntu or Unity - at least in my opinion.

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Thanks much for the reply. Much appreciated!

Yep, that’s pretty much what I guessed. But of course, we’d have to defer to Canonical for a final pronouncement as to what is, and isn’t, acceptable. :slight_smile:

I’ll just point out that, near as I can tell, Canonical seems to be taking a slightly different approach toward trademark usage with Ubuntu Unity compared to the approach that Canonical takes with other remixes/flavors. My guess is that the reason for the slightly different approach is that Canonical considers Ubuntu Unity to be a special situation, which I interpret to be a good thing.

Basically a person who has a license to distribute can use ubuntu abbreviations (caveats applied for) prefixed or suffixed by the official logo.Screenshot from 2017-11-23 01-12-23

Well, we are a little off topic here… but I think unity end_users understand the differentiation between the desktop-experience and phones and tablets. During the Unity8 project ,which was so awesomely ambitious, people knew there was a fall back to the DE. A small group , myself included, tried to push the envelope to have unity-session in 17.10 and now in 18.04 for testing so I think most persons get the drift that the project is attempting to move and look forwards rather than backwards.

If/when ubuntu-unity becomes a flavour, it would look much nicer as Uubuntu, rather than Ubuntu Unity. Ubuntu is known as the distro with (controversial ?) Unity for last 6 years, with some hate and love, but well known. When there are two "oo"s, people read it as a long “u.” There aren’t any English words starting with two "u"s, but if there were, it would be pronounced as a long u, but after sometime, people would forget the long sound and come back to the familiar single u sound.

(It’s already more than a month since the default bionic was announced and there isn’t much discussion about it in the other forum. I’ve predicted this lack of interest.)

For the logo, I vote for the 2nd one in @GizmoChicken post 13 with single letter U in the middle.

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Thanks much! Yep, that’s the one that I would prefer. But just to clarify, although we can speculate as to what logo Canonical will deem acceptable for use with Ubuntu Unity, we probably still need to get some feedback from Canonical on this.

As @dale-f-beaudoin mentioned, we seem to be getting a bit off topic, so we should probably move this discussion elsewhere. But in brief, I fully agree that Canonical likely doesn’t want the Unity mark to die. However, keep in mind that one way a trademark “dies” is through disuse. A flavor named “Ubuntu Unity” arguably continues to use the “Unity” mark, whereas a flavor named “Uubuntu” arguably doesn’t. So, arguably, a flavor named “Ubuntu Unity” is a better way to keep the “Unity” mark alive.

Simply - I am not using “Uubuntu” in any of the builds I am distributing at this time. I am using “Unity 7 Desktop Experience” and “ubuntu-unity” and currently available logos and trademarks. I enjoy this discussion because some of the art work is really great so perhaps we may decide to use one of them in mid January.


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My suggestion is that we should ask “how and where will the logo be used ?”

If I compare with Ubuntu Budgie and Mate, here are some answers:

  • logos are used in artwork (screenshots, branding with full name)

  • they are used form the “main” buttons

well, not exactly for budgie, but it’s nearly the logo

And for Unity, it’ll be used in the same way, but mostly in the “ubuntu button” or “BFB button”:

My first question is : will ubuntu-unity will be able to still use the circle-of-friends logo in the ubuntu button ?
If yes, then we can just use the name “Ubuntu Unity” without any logo for any branding, and keep the ubuntu button like today.

If not, we’ll have to create another logo, with some constrains:

  • it must be visible in small dimension

  • it must be visible in the ubuntu button : il means using 2 colors, and being ok with other color palettes (ex with another bg color)

Should it be a variant of circle-of-friend (a circle with 3 elements, like Budgie or Mate) ? or be completely different (like Xubuntu) ? I have no idea at the moment.


Yes … that is what we are doing now and will be using. Nothing will change with the builds I am distributing with the exception of a unity specific logo on the login greeter. There have been a lot of good ideas here.

The distribution milestones will be named “ubuntu-unity” -amd64.iso. The current milestone is ubuntu-unity-ppa-amd64.iso which has the proposed meta-package. Any documentation created will be referenced as “Ubuntu Unity 7 Desktop Experience”.



By “it” in the quoted question, I assume you are asking about the nature of the logo that will be used, in the final release, by the anticipated remix/flavor.

Based in part on what I’ve pieced together from this thread, I believe that the nature of the logo that will be used, in the final release, has not yet been determined. That is, at this time, Canonical has not yet indicated whether the remix/flavor will, in the final release, use as its logo:

  1. the standard Ubuntu CoF logo, without any additions, deletions, or other modifications; or

  2. a logo that includes the standard Ubuntu CoF logo combined with additional elements (such as proposed in comment #13) to distinguish from vanilla Ubuntu, but not sufficiently distinct to avoid infringing the Ubuntu CoF trademark (so a license would be needed); or

  3. a logo that is sufficiently distinct from the Ubuntu CoF logo that it would be considered not to infringe the Ubuntu CoF trademark, much like the logos used by Ubuntu Budgie, Xubuntu, and Ubuntu MATE (the examples that you provided) are all intended not to infringe the Ubuntu CoF trademark; or

  4. something else.

To reiterate, based in part on what I’ve pieced together from this thread, I believe that the nature of the logo that will be used, in the final release, has not yet been determined.

Speaking only for myself, I hope that Canonical will allow using, in the final release, something very similar to the standard Ubuntu CoF logo, perhaps something like what I proposed in comment #13. And I could provide arguments why it would be in Canonical’s interest to allow, and thus they should allow, the use of such a similar logo in the final release. But I suppose that we’ll have to wait for Canonical to ask for feedback and/or to provide more guidance.

I vote for two logos proposed on comment #13 by @GizmoChicken. Unity’s case is little unique because unity is maintained by Canonical and will be maintained until 2021. So I believe two would be permissible. Now question is which one among those two? I vote for second one without text because as dood pointed out that in low resolution the text won’t be visible properly.


Much appreciated! And I certainly agree that Unity’s case is unique.

Of the two, provided that the text for “Unity” would be legible, I prefer the first. But the second would be better at low resolutions.

So, how about both? :slight_smile:

That is, the first logo (which spells out “Unity”) could be used as the “high res” logo, used only when a large logo (of a certain pixel size) is appropriate. And the second logo could be used as the “low res” logo, used where a small logo is appropriate.

But if not both, then probably the second logo (which could be displayed in both high and low resolution situations) would offer more flexibility.

This one without the shaddow is really good :+1:


This looks as if Unity is rising…

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We also need 22x22 transparent logo for unity badge, like /usr/share/unity-greeter/ubuntu_badge.png. @GizmoChicken Can you do that for second pic of #13 ?

I’m not a graphics guru, so I’m not really sure what I’m doing. But near as I can tell, the second pic of #13 has too many elements to scale well into a 22pt logo. So for a 22pt logo, something simpler would be better.

To get an idea of what I mean, the second pic of #13 (scaled as a 22pt logo) is presented here:


And a simpler version (also scaled as a 22pt logo) is presented here:


To add a little appeal, maybe I could make the “U” slightly smaller, so that it is surrounded by more color. Thoughts?

I’m not sure where this logo will be used, and so I’m not sure what parts of the logo should be transparent, etc. But if the simpler logo (or something similar) would be generally appropriate, let me know where it will be used, and I’ll try to work out the transparencies, etc. (But a real graphics guru could probably do a better job.)

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