Supporting Users

The Ubuntu Discourse is not a space for technical support. However, the community has a number of platforms where you can seek and provide support:

  • Ask Ubuntu: Share your technical know-how with others by answering questions.
  • Ubuntu Forums: Join the Ubuntu Forums and help people in their problems and make friends.
  • Ubuntu Matrix: Join the lively and active conversations on the Ubuntu Community Matrix space.
  • Internet Relay Chat (IRC): Help people navigate the Ubuntu world by joining an Internet Relay Chat such as #ubuntu
  • Local Communities (LoCo): Join an Ubuntu Local Community team and help people near you!

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Thank you. Three years later, and this is still current, and an excellent introduction to the various User Support resources. You give it as places to give help,but it also works as places to get help.


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Where do we pose new questions or can we do that here?

I don’t know what you’re asking, are you asking how you can support other users?

If you want to support other users, go to one of those sites, create an account & watch awhile. Learn how the site operates, and when you feel ready to try, step in & assist others.

If you want to get support for yourself, the process is the same in that you go to one of the support sites, create an account & ask a question & seek support. This isn’t a support site as it tells you when you first login

this site is NOT for technical support.

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Hi team i want a contributor opportunity if possible anyone can guide me.