Rodhos's Membership Application

Hi all,
I would like to become an Ubuntu member. It’s been a long time contributing so I thought it was time to do it.
If you want to help me you can leave a testimonial in my wiki page or maybe here and I can link it later.

Thank you!

About me

Hi, my name is Rodrigo. I’ve been a member of Ubuntu Spanish Translators since November 2017. I wanted to contribute with the project as a way to say thank you for the free software, moreover I wanted to help making Ubuntu accesible to everyone so more people can start using this amazing OS. I translated a huge amount of strings until one day I discovered upstream projects so I joined Gnome spanish translators. I also made a wiki page explaining about translating upstream projects. I learned how to use Github and helped translating flatpak and NetworkManager. Now I’ve become coordinator for Ubuntu Spanish Translators Team. I’ve made a Telegram group to improve team’s visibility (currently with 61 members).

Contact Information

IRC Rodhos
Telegram @TraductoresSL
Launchpad rodhos-hp
Discourse Rodhos
Gnome l10n Rodhos
Github Rodhos


Contributions to Ubuntu Wiki


Future Goals

  • Keep on translating.
  • Strenght cooperation between translation projects.
  • Build a friendly community of Open Source translators.
  • Join the Translation Project.
  • Assist to some CC meetings.
  • Vote in the next election for the CC as I couldn’t vote in the last one.
  • Keep on giving my ideas and enjoying Ubuntu.
  • Add GNUN support to Ubuntu web pages.


See here:


Hi Rodrigo.
Can you get a few testimonials. They strengthen your application.
Good Luck
(Kilos on IRC)

yes, testimonials will help you to update your profile and strong your application.

Hey @Rodhos , you’re using the new process here and we haven’t even finished making it. I LOVE IT :smiley:

Please read this through: and update your post accordingly with the information under ‘Discourse Thread Application’ and like the others have said you should try and add any testimonials you can, see the ‘testimonials’ section on the same page for more information, good luck :partying_face:

P.S I’ve just moved this into the newly created membership category, rather than using the tag, for ease of access purposes.


I’ve asked some people and they agreed to give some testimonials but I guess they are busy now so I’ll just wait.

I’ve updated this page to look the same as my wiki page (Translated MoinMoin into Markdown syntax).

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Congratulations for the Ubuntu Membership.

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Thank you! :smiley: I’ve been working hard on the new release.


The “Non-technical step by step guide for translating using flutter tools in github” guide was so well written. Thank you so much :tada:

Now I realized It’s better to use Github desktop since auth tokens will be mandatory to send pull requests.