Adding GNUN support to Ubuntu web pages

What is GNUN?

GNUnited Nations (GNUN) is a build system for translations. It generates a PO template (.pot) for an original HTML article, and merges the changes into all translations, which are maintained as PO (.po) files. Finally, it regenerates the translations in HTML format.

The goal of GNUN is to make maintenance of translations easier and to avoid the effect of seriously outdated translations when a particular team becomes inactive.

Currently, GNUN is pretty much tied to the layout and structure of GNU Project’s website and is not suitable for other sites.

Adding GNUN support to Ubuntu web pages

This will allow us to finally get translations for since the major problem is the lack of resources (see issue 3098 ).
If we manage to obtain a PO file using GNUN we can easily import translations into Launchpad and that means the translation teams will be able to translate it.

This is obviously not an easy task so I appreciate your support, suggestions, ideas, thoughts.
Can we make this viable?

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