Pulse 18 - Ubuntu Desktop engineering update

Hello everyone!

We’re back, rejuvenated from well-deserved breaks and diving straight into the crunch time with milestones looming:

  • September 21 – Beta
  • October 12 – Release

(Experimental) TPM Backed Full Disk Encryption

I’m delighted to share the announcement that experimental support for TPM backed full disk encryption will be in 23.10. It is a meaningful improvement in security without compromising usability. This feature is a result of collaborative efforts from various teams, so congratulations to everyone involved :bowing_man: Before experimenting, be sure to read all about the intricacies in @ijlal-loutfi’s blog post and do keep in mind this is an experimental feature :warning: :warning: .


Sending out best wishes to @till-kamppeter , who is currently in India attending debconf and the Opportunity Open Source events. You may be able to catch some of it on the Ubuntu OnAir stream. Safe travels, Till!

On the home front, here’s some highlights from the distro squad:

  • The full installer option is coming back; get the details here
  • The awesome community wallpapers are now in mantic; take a peek here (There were development wallpapers as well in case you missed them!)
  • You may notice some git branches being renamed as part of the inclusive naming initiative, learn more here

Lastly, GNOME 45.rc landed in mantic. We can’t wait to hear what you think! :heart_eyes:


Noteworthy App Updates

  • Thunderbird 102.15.0 was released to 22.04. Next on our list the 115 series.
  • Firefox 117 version landed (the first core22 based release published to latest/stable).
  • Although GNOME Terminal remains the default, GNOME Console is looking very nice with a fresh purple background.

App Center

Great news! After much deliberation documented here, we’ve christened the “App Center.” It’s currently available in the dailies and hosted on GitHub. It’s evolving rapidly and our immediate priorities are:

  • Deb support
  • Landing the new ratings system backed by a Rust-based :crab: service
  • Finally, testing and fine-tuning


That’s all from me. See you in two weeks! :wave:



the link doesn’t work :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the updates!

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