Gnome-team: git branch for development series in Ubuntu changed to ubuntu/latest

Hi folks,

It was suggested I post about this here as well, so here goes:

For the git repositories under the gnome-team on Salsa we changed the name of the branch corresponding to Ubuntu’s current development series from ubuntu/master to ubuntu/latest earlier this week. This was done as part of a similar change switching the default branch name of these repos from debian/master to debian/latest.

You can read more about the change, the rationale behind it, and how it was carried out on the debian-gtk-gnome list archives:

The corresponding documentation was also updated:

The old ubuntu/master branches are still kept in the repos, but are effectively archived and no longer allow pushes or merges. Thus, going forward, any existing tooling should be updated to pull from the ubuntu/latest branch instead of the old ubuntu/master for these repos.

To reiterate, this change was done only for the repositories under the gnome-team umbrella on Salsa, and the repos of any other teams or accounts on Salsa or anywhere else were not modified as part of this change.