Opportunity Open Source in the IIT Mandi, India - LIVE - September 8-9, 2023

Hi, I am Till Kamppeter, leader of the OpenPrinting project and initiator of the event.

Organizing every year the participation of the Linux Foundation as mentoring organization in the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) and mentoring contributors for OpenPrinting I work together with Aveek Basu who joined OpenPrinting when he worked at Lexmark in India. He is reaching out to colleges and universities in India and this way we have every year around 5-7 students as contributors for OpenPrinting, most of them studying at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Mandi.

With the DebConf being in India, Aveek and me have decided to meet most of our current and former contributors in-person and motivate the students, professors, and researchers to join the community of developers, designers, doc writers, … in a 2-day conference, the “Opportunity Open Source”. We will talk with them about their GSoC experience on a panel, have a GSoC Q&A session, and the contributors presenting their work.

The conference takes place on September 8-9, right before the DebConf.

There will also be some people from Canonical.

And do not think we are only talking about the Google Summer of Code. We will have an OpenPrinting track with a talk/discussion session by Michael Sweet, creator of CUPS (the printing system of modern Linux) and co-creator of IPP (the protocol of modern driverless printers). There will also be talks and a workshop about Zephyr and we will have @rs2009 (Rudra Saraswat) giving a talk about immutable distros and especially blendOS. And I will also make it snappy, giving a talk about Snap and Ubuntu Core Desktop and also an interactive workshop like this one). We will also have a panel/Q&A about working at Canonical (similar to this one ).

Complete schedules

I hope to see you all in Mandi! …

… Not be able to stop by in India? No problem, as we have Ubuntu OnAir! We stream the sessions and keep the recordings here!

The details are:

Friday, September 8, 2023, 9:30 - 15:00 UTC
Saturday, September 8, 2023, 4:30 - 14:30 UTC

Friday, Room 1 (Plenaries, OpenPrinting): UbuntuOnAir - YouTube Twitch
Friday, Room 2 (Zephyr): Canonical Ubuntu - YouTube
Saturday, Room 1 (Plenaries, Zephyr training): UbuntuOnAir - YouTube Twitch



  • Till Kamppeter, OpenPrinting, Ubuntu Desktop Team (@till-kamppeter)
  • Aveek Basu, OpenPrinting

Confirmed speakers:

  • Michael Sweet, CUPS, OpenPrinting, Lakeside Robotics
  • Akarshan Kapoor, OpenPrinting, GSoC, IIT Mandi
  • Kate Stewart, Zephyr, The Linux Foundation
  • Benjamin Cabé, Zephyr
  • Jonas Remmert, Zephyr
  • Rudra Saraswat, Ubuntu Unity, blendOS (@rs2009)
  • Aaryan Porwal, Canonical (@aaryan-porwal)
  • Abhigyan Ghosh, Canonical (@abhigyan.ghosh)
  • Dimple Kuriakose, Canonical (@dimple-kuriakose)
  • Hrittik Roy, CNCF Ambassador


And do not forget the time zones. The conference takes place in India (UTC+5:30).

On the conference web site you can select your time zone (in the upper right corner) to display the schedules with the times of your time zone.

We stream to both YouTube and Twitch and we see the live chat in both for you to join the discussion and ask any questions to us. You are also welcome to ask your questions on this thread in advance and we’ll do our best to answer them on the conference :slightly_smiling_face: