Opportunity Open Source

Are you inspired by open source but don’t know where to begin? Opportunity Open Source is an exciting new event at IIT Mandi where you can discover how to take your passion and turn it into meaningful open source contributions.

Not a programmer? No problem! Opportunity Open Source will have engaging content for those who also enjoy working with documentation, design, web and community.

Here’s what conference goers can expect at this year’s event:

  • Enhance your coding skills and learn about Google Summer of Code opportunities.
  • Listen to some excellent talks, panels, and Q&As.
  • Take part in interactive workshops and demos.
  • Join in the roadmap sprint for the OpenPrinting project.
  • … and lots of great hallway sessions!

To register or learn more information, check out the Opportunity Open Source events page.


Hi, I am Till Kamppeter, leader of the OpenPrinting project and initiator of the event:

Organizing every year the participation of the Linux Foundation as mentoring organization in the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) and mentoring contributors for OpenPrinting I work together with Aveek Basu who joined OpenPrinting when he worked at Lexmark in India. He is reaching out to colleges and universities in India and this way we have every year around 5-7 students as contributors for OpenPrinting, most of them studying at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Mandi.

With the DebConf being in India, Aveek and me have decided to meet most of our current and former contributors in-person and motivate the students, professors, and researchers to join the community of developers, designers, doc writers, … in a 2-1/2-day conference, the “Opportunity Open Source”. We will talk with them about their GSoC experience on a panel, have a GSoC Q&A session, and the contributors presenting their work. By a Call for Proposals we hope to get a wide range of more contributions. And for attendees getting some real-life experience we are running this year’s OpenPrinting Roadmap Sprint on the conference and attendees can participate in the discussion and planning of the next 12 months in printing and scanning. We will also live-stream and record everything and allow remote participation.

The conference takes place on September 8-10, right before the DebConf.

There will also be some people from Canonical.

And do not think we are only talking about OpenPrinting and the Google Summer of Code. There will also be talks about Zephyr and we will have @rs2009 (Rudra Saraswat) on the conference giving talks about his projects Ubuntu Unity and blendOS. And I will also make it snappy, giving a talk about Snap (and perhaps also a workshop like this one). I am also looking into having also a panel/Q&A about working at Canonical (similar to this one).

By the way, I have extended the Call for Abstracts to close August 14.

We also need volunteers for A/V, equipment for A/V, volunteers for registration and any other help, …

For any contribution, suggestion, idea, … simply answer in this thread …

I hope to see you all in Mandi!


Here is our Telegram Group and our hashtag #OpportunityOpenSource on Mastodon.

I think that OpenPrinting project(and its Foundation) should work with vendors to have their drivers be by default included in distributions like Ubuntu(I am looking at You Brother and similar) when they have also scanners included in their printers and they have their own customized CUPS.

I think that time moved on and OpenPrinting(and also maybe Ubuntu and Canonical) could do their job and make Desktop a better place…

Making a printing driver is not so easy especially when Linux market size is not so big, but now it should be not so difficult to help make vendors do their best…

@hifron actually this thread is not about OpenPrinting but about the Opportunity Open Source conference in the IIT Mandi in India.

Concerning printer manufacturers and printer drivers, the modern printers usually are driverless IPP printers. Like USB storage media they do not use a driver any more, because they use standardized communication protocols. And Brother is even good in that.

So in most cases when drivers are needed we have legacy printers, already on the market for several years (driverless IPP printing came up with iPhone and iPad as Apple wanted that one could print from their devices, without shipping tons of drivers, and that was already several years ago. AirPrint is simply a flavor of driverless IPP printing).

Here is a list of driverless printers known to us.

And here are the links for remotely attending via Ubuntu OnAir.

The Final schedules are out!

And here are the (unedited) recordings:

Friday, Sep 8:

Saturday, Sep 9:

Note that these recordings are of an entire half day or full day of the conference, not split into individual talks, also there is some scrap in the beginning as we needed extra time to get the audio in the room sorted out, so fast-forward to the first talk.