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Welcome to the Multipass Guide!

Multipass is a mini-cloud on your workstation using native hypervisors of all the supported plaforms (Windows, macOS and Linux), it will give you an Ubuntu command line in just a click (“Open shell”) or a simple multipass shell command, or even a keyboard shortcut. Find what images are available with multipass find and create new instances with multipass launch.

You can initialize instances through cloud-init as you normally would on all the clouds Ubuntu is supported on, just pass the configuration to multipass launch --cloud-init.

Accessing files from your host machine is supported through the multipass mount command, and to move files between the host and instances, you can use multipass transfer.

Please learn more details in the linked documentation topics.


Level Path Navlink
0 Installation
1 installing-on-linux Linux
1 installing-on-macos macOS
2 changing-macos-terminal Using a different terminal
1 installing-on-windows Windows
0 Basic usage
1 working-with-instances Working with instances
1 primary-instance Primary instance
0 Command-line reference
1 alias-command alias
1 aliases-command aliases
1 exec-command exec
1 find-command find
1 get-command get
1 help-command help
1 info-command info
1 launch-command launch
1 list-command list
1 networks-command/19542 networks
1 set-command set
1 shell-command shell
1 start-command start
1 stop-command stop
1 unalias-command unalias
1 version-command version
0 Advanced usage
1 additional-networks Additional network interfaces
1 using-aliases Instance command aliases
1 using-a-custom-dns Using a custom DNS
1 using-libvirt Using libvirt
1 Using VirtualBox
2 using-virtualbox-in-multipass-macos on macOS
2 using-virtualbox-in-multipass-windows on Windows
0 Debugging and Contributing
1 accessing-logs Accessing logs
0 Troubleshooting networking
1 troubleshooting-networking-on-macos on macOS
1 troubleshooting-networking-on-windows on Windows

Documentation is a subcategory used to collect user documentation about the Multipass project. This first topic bootstraps the structure of the documentation we want to provide.

Feel free to add a comment below about topics that you think we should document. Thanks!

Missing topics:

Basic usage

  • snapcraft
  • Communicating with instances

Command-line reference

  • mount
  • shell
  • umount
  • transfer
  • suspend
  • delete
  • recover
  • purge

Advanced usage

  • cloud-init

Debugging and Contributing

  • Troubleshooting networking
    • on Linux
  • Reporting problems
  • Getting help
  • Building from source
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Hi @saviq,
I’m evaluating multipass for my personal needs (non-work related) and saw that the seems to be missing quite some important commands, like stop, umount, delete and so on.
Is there an alternative documentation page for multipass, besides the built-in --help option in the tool itself?
If not, since this is an easy effort, would you accept contributions to add the missing commands?

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Hi @rosuvladimir, we certainly would!

As you can see above we have a “Missing topics” section. Just start a new topic under this category:

And we’ll hook it up :slight_smile: