2019, week 12 in Multipass

Hello all,

Another couple of weeks, please find a a portion of updates from Multipass below:

Bugfixes and features

  • only install sshfs on demand to speed up launch (#615)
  • improve download resiliency on slower connections (#386)
  • first bits from strict confinement work have landed (#650)
  • sanitize memory input (#633 and #681)
  • our next release will have update notifications (#688)
  • we’re also moving to semantic versioning¹ proper (#692)
  • in preparation for the system tray² we’re working to improve concurrency in multipassd (#682)

Move to core18

We’re ready to move to the core18 base, (note libvirt caveat). Unfortunately there’s a snapd bug that may mess with the transiton, so we’ve put a hold on this.


We’re slowly building up our documentation library - we’d love to know what topics you’d like to see there. Just leave a comment under the outline and we’ll see what we can do.

Getting it

On snap-enabled Linuxes, just snap install multipass --classic --beta.

Installers for macOS and Windows 10 are published on our GitHub page.


Please let us know here or on GitHub about your experience with Multipass! See you there :slight_smile: